Punta Del Este Uruguay Beaches

Punta del Este Paraguay Beaches

South America boasts a bevy of beautiful beaches and there are many countries you can visit to spend a relaxing time in the warm sun but few have the concentration of stunning beaches that Uruguay does.

Furthermore, few South American countries blend so perfectly the natural draw of sun-soaked playas and the man-made draw of nightlife than Uruguay does. If you are looking to enjoy warm waves and sun rays during the day but replace them with strobe lights and thumping beats by night, Punta Del Este Uruguay may be the perfect South American locale for you.

Punta Del Este Uruguay beaches draw people from all over the globe every summer.  While the rest of the year, the population of this city is pretty modest, when the temperature turns up in the summer months Punta Del Este becomes one of the liveliest regions in Uruguay.

It is a hot spot for rich celebrities and modest travelers looking to play amongst the waves and take in the exciting night life in Punta Del Este.  There 13 main beaches in Punta Del Este and they are divided into 2 regions: the Mansa and the Brava or the tame and the fierce referring to the nature of the waves.

Punta Del Este Uruguay Beaches

The great thing about the beaches of Punta Del Este is that they offer something for everyone.  If you are a surfer you are going to want to head over to either Playa Chileno or El Emir or both.  The intensity of the wind on these beaches is perfect for those looking for some “tasty waves” to use the vernacular of noted fictional surfer and burnout Jeff Spicoli.

If you are feeling adventurous or simply want to get an “all-around” tan you can head over to Chihuahua beach which is the destination for sun-loving nudists.

Many celebrities vacation in Punta Del Este and you can see them lounging at Playa Manantiales.  Just make sure you don’t get too start struck and you should blend in just fine.

With great beaches there is usually great salt water fishing and Punta Del Este is no exception.  You can cast your line right off the Punta del Este port or you can join a sea fishing charter.

Punta del Este Paraguay Beaches

Punta del Este Paraguay Beaches

Nightlife in Punta del Este

There are many things to do in Punta del Este that have nothing to do with the breathtaking beaches.  La Barra is a stretch of bars and nightclubs and offer familiar cocktails and local favorites.  Sioux and Splendido are two clubs on La Barra each offering their own unique flavor: the former a more modern dance club and the former a great place to mellow out and hear some cool jazz.

The Buddha Bar is one of the new restaurant-nightclub combinations and serves delicious sushi and has an Asian décor motif. There is a bar or a club for the mood of every different traveler in Punta Del Este but be warned: some clubs are very exclusive and difficult to gain access to.


It’s not all about nightlife and beaches in Punta del Este however.  If you want to take in some culture you should check out the Catedral de San Fernando which is one of Uruguay’s most celebrated churches.  It was built 1895 and took an astounding 94 years to construct.

Punta del Este is also one of the fashion capitals of the world and the most popular fashion show is held at the Conrad Hotel in January. For more information about Uruguayan culture, take a look at La luz Mala Legend in Uruguay.

Traditional Breakfast Foods in Bolivia

Traditional Breakfast Foods in Bolivia

While lunch may be the most important meal in your typical Bolivian’s day that is not to say that breakfast has not taken on a life and style of its own in this unique South American country.

Western breakfast traditions like milk and cereal are slowly seeping into the Bolivian culture but there are traditional breakfast foods in Bolivia that can still be tasted today.

Should you find yourself in Bolivia at any time of the year, you will begin to hear the calls of local street vendors at around seven in the morning.  This is the best time to sample some of the delicious traditional breakfast foods of Bolivia.

Traditional Breakfast Foods in Bolivia

Café con Leche

Of course, no Bolivian’s breakfast is complete without café con leche or as Anglos know it, coffee. Bolivian breakfast drinks are very important to a traditional Bolivian breakfast and coffee is just one of the beverages that you will see on the menu of a Bolivian café.

Bolivia makes some of the richest and sweetest coffee in the world and while many in the country drink it very strong and without milk, you can get traditional Bolivian coffee as thick and sweet as you can handle it.  If you are not a coffee person, fear not. Bolivian breakfast vendors will usually have a ready supply of tea or mate drink to stimulate your morning.

If you are really looking for a traditional experience, you can sample the Api that is said to have been created and passed down from the Incas so many centuries ago.

Api is a corn based drink and is spiced with cloves, orange rind and cinnamon.  The first thing you will notice is that it has a very thick consistency and depending on whether you try Api Morado or Api Blanco, it will have a purple or light tan coloring.  It is a sweet drink that often accompanies sweet Bolivian breakfast pastries.


Bread based foods make up most of traditional breakfast foods in Bolivia and empanadas reign supreme as the staple of the first meal of the day.

You may have tried an Empanada here in the states and it was probably sweetened and maybe even filled with some kind of meat. While this style of empanada is not unheard of in Bolivia, for breakfast they have a simpler version.  They eat an empanada which is essentially fried dough and sometimes puffed up to enormous proportions.

Traditional Breakfast Foods in Bolivia

Traditional Breakfast Foods in Bolivia

Other Bolivian Breakfast Foods

Something called buñuelos are also commonly served up for breakfast.  Buñuelos in Bolivia are somewhat different from Colombian buñuelos.

In Bolivia buñuelos are simple fried balls of dough and are sometimes topped with honey.  Buñuelos do not always come in ball-form.  In fact you can get them to look more like their American counterparts, donuts with just a bit of searching.

In case you haven’t noticed by now, Bolivian food (particularly Bolivian breakfast foods) are usually fried, carb-heavy dishes that can be sweetened to accompany your cup of coffee or preferred breakfast drink.  This is the signature of Bolivian breakfast and is demonstrated in the final breakfast food I will speak of here: Pan con queso.  Literally translated, this dish is bread with cheese and it is as simple as that.  A hearty roll of bread stuffed with a delightful piece of homemade cheese.

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