Why Do Latinas Marry Gringos

Why Do Latinas Marry Gringos

While the matters of the heart can never be quantified (the heart wants what the heart wants) the increasing number of Latinas opting to marry gringos is a very interesting phenomenon that invites much speculation and pondering.

If you don’t know what a ‘gringo’ is, take this opportunity to educate yourself by reading this article

Why do Latinas love gringos so much?  I don’t believe that this is warrants a general answer.  It’s not that Latinas love gringos just because they are gringos.

I think for the most part Latina women are drawn to Caucasian men because they represent the antithesis of Latino bravado.  Not that all Latin men are so stereotypically haughty, but such characteristics have for better or worse become inexorably associated with Latin men.

Caucasian men seem to be more mild-mannered by and large, although there are always exceptions to the rule.  Imagine this: you are a young Latina who grew up in a house of boisterous Latino men.  You will more than likely react to this upbringing in one of two ways.

The first; you will seek out and value what there is to be admired about the confidence, strength and surety that exists in the characters of the Latino men you were raised by and grew up with.

The second response may be that you are repelled by such characteristics so that in your adult life, you will seek out the exact opposite in your significant other.  If you are of the latter ilk, and you live in America, guess what, you are probably going to be attracted to and even marry a gringo!

Why Do Latinas Marry Gringos?  Simple Cultural Differences

I have talked to many Latina women who have either dated or are married to Caucasian men and a common theme that comes up is the differing cultures.

At first glance, you would think that deep cultural differences would only serve to drive a wedge in a marriage but I have found quite the opposite when talking to these women.

In fact, they say that the differences in their cultures are what bring them closer together with their spouses.  Those Latinas who have made it last with their gringo partners say that the prominent aspects of Latino and gringo characters actually complement each other.

For example, I know a Latina, a Chilean to be exact who (I will say this as gently as I can) has a tendency to make a small matter into a big one.  She recognizes that about herself and says that her gringo husband is excellent at calming her down and getting her to see situations in a milder manner.

She swears that if she ended up with a Chilean man, tempers would go unchecked and there would be explosions of monumental proportions in their marriage.

Why Do Latinas Marry Gringos

Why Do Latinas Marry Gringos

Another reason that I have observed and may serve to explain why more Latinas are marrying gringos today than ever before is a more modern level of equality in the home.

Latino culture is such that the men are the bread-winners and don’t do housework and other domestic activities.

For better or worse, it seems that Latinas are shying away from this dynamic and gringos are much more likely to be amenable to this household role.

Successful Latinas may also be drawn to gringos who are more likely to be supportive of a career that could outshine their own as well.

All of this may be reading too deep into things that may not even be there and the answer could be much simpler in reality.  After all, we live in America and a Latina growing up in America may value a partner who could be something of an usher to her in this American life.

It makes me happy to see Latina/Caucasian marriages work because I believe it can be a benefit for all parties involved.  On a purely biological level, species thrive when they intermingle as it brings the favorable characteristics of both to the surface and phases out that which is detrimental.  So it goes with Latina/Caucasian marriages.

The Mate Ceremony

Mate ceremony

Simply called the mate ceremony the Yerba Mate tradition has become something of a fad in recent years. You can even walk into a grocery store here in the states and buy a pack of a branded Yerba Mate tea. This drink however has very deep and significant roots especially in Argentinian culture.

What is Mate

The word Mate in this case refers to the vessel from which Yerba Mate has been drunk for centuries.  The Mate is actually a gourd that is hollowed out and filled with the tonic.  The Mate gourd is then passed around in a circle so that friends and family can drink from it.

What is Mate Drink

Mate drink is essentially tea made from the Yerba Mate leaves. The leaves are dried and chopped up which form the basis of the mate. Other herbs can be added to the dried leaf mixture but the mate leaves are the main ingredient.

The leaves themselves come from holly trees which are common in South American rain forests.  These leaves are rich in caffeine and natural antioxidants.  This is why in many ways, Yerba Mate is compared to coffee and other mild stimulants.

Once the leaves and herbs have been grounded, they are very carefully placed inside the hollowed out mate gourd.  The placing of the yerba inside the gourd is considered very important because you never want to put too much or too little Yerba into the mate gourd.  Both circumstances will produce undesirable effects. The leaves are then steeped by pouring hot water into the gourd.  A metal straw called a bombilla is inserted into the gourd and the mate ceremony is ready to commence.

The Mate Ceremony and the The Gauchos

Mate ceremony

The Mate Ceremony by Marcela Hede

The gauchos were essentially cowboys or farm workers.  They lived simple lives, labored and wanted for very little.

Gauchos are credited for popularizing yerba mate in Argentina and the mate ceremony itself.  After a long hard day in the fields, the gauchos whom you can read more about here would prepare their Yerba Mate in the manner described above and sit in a circle with their friends and family.  This was a somber time of rest, reflection and fellowship.  One person would drink from the mate gourd and pass it to the next person in the circle.

The gauchos of old would sit in a circle around their campfire and drink the mate which was very important to them culturally and physically as mate drink holds many health benefits and replenishes the body of a worker with essential nutrients.

The mild stimulating effects of the mate are supposed to induce a sense of euphoria and as the gourd is passed around, conversations are started amongst close friends and relatives.  Everybody drinks the mate and everyone bonds with one another.

Though this tradition is centuries old, it still permeates everyday life in modern day Argentina and regions all over the world including Europe and Northern Asian countries.

Today, traditional mate ceremonies like the one aforementioned are still practiced but every Argentine observes this rite in their own way.  Workers, students and families incorporate the mate ceremony into their daily lives, sometimes with just a couple of participants.

The mate ceremony has become very important in the Argentinian culture as it serves as a vessel in which loved ones and fond companions can pass into communion and deep discourse with one another.  To say that the mate ceremony is social in nature would be something of an understatement.  What underlies the mate ceremony is a deep sense of community, a tuning of one’s spirituality, and an alignment of the mind and the body.

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