24 Hours in Santiago Chile

24 Hours In Santiago Chile

Your travel itinerary for South America is probably jam packed but if you are going to pass through Santiago, Chile you should really take some time to see the sites. But what if you only have 24 hours in Santiago Chile? A lot of people simply pass through Santiago on their way to other locales and that is fine because below is the ultimate guide for making the most of 24 hours in Santiago Chile.

Eating  While Enjoying 24 Hours in Santiago Chile

Let’s go in chronological order. Let’s assume that you arrive in Santiago sometime in the morning and what is the first thing you are going to want to do in the A.M. hours in Santiago? What else? Eat! Santiago is home to some of the most unique cuisine in the world so start your24 hours in Santiago Chile the right way by fueling yourself for the rest of the day with authentic Chilean cuisine.

A Completo may make you feel more at home because it is essentially a burger or hotdog Chilean style. Topped with avocado and mayonnaise a Completo is sure to get you ready for your big day out. You can also go more authentic with a Pastel de Choclo which is a hearty dish of meat and vegetables covered with something similar to the crust of a pot pie.

Enjoy the Weather

Now that you are all fueled up, segue into the afternoon by enjoying the amazing Santiago weather and visiting the Santiago Sculpture Park. This is an open air exhibit located in a beautiful stretch along the Mapocho River featuring many unique and inspiring sculptures from renowned Chilean artists. While you are strolling in the sunshine, try some Chilean Helado (ice cream) to refresh you.

24 Hours In Santiago Chile

24 Hours In Santiago Chile

While the gorgeous Chilean sun is waning you may want to check out one of Santiago’s world famous wineries. Taste some wine and toast your day in Santiago as the warm twilight showers you and heralds in the night.


If you have been following this blog you probably know 2 things to be true: we love food and we love night life. No 24 hours in Santiago Chile is complete without a taste of its nightlife. You can kick off the night with a trip to The Black Rock Pub where you can try some home-brewed Chilean beers like Kross and Prima.

Once you are feeling loose you may want to hit up one of Santiago’s Salsa clubs where you can see professionals exhibit their flavorful art form and get in on the fun for yourself. There are tons of live salsa bands playing on any given night in Santiago so just follow your ears through the night streets. Again for the music lovers, you will be happy to know that Santiago has a great Jazz scene so that means plenty of hip clubs to choose from. One of the most famous is Club de Jazz but if you are looking for a more low key night of music check out The Jazz Corner or Bar Grez.

Finally, if its not to late one of the best places to go in Santiago Chile is near the coast. Santiago is not far from the Pacific and that means super-fresh seafood. Cap off your day in Santiago with some great sushi or a classic Chilean seafood stew which prominently features crab legs and tasty vegetables.

There is really so much more to do in Santiago that it really warrants a good long visit so for more information on what to do in Santiago, check out Easter Island Chile.

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