About Me

How I Missed Hispanic Culture
& Ended Up Creating Hispanic-Culture-Online.com

hispanicultureI am Marcela and a true Hispanic immigrant who ended up in the U.S. many moons ago. It all started back in Colombia South-America. I was born in Medellín, Colombia. I grew up in a wonderful environment surrounded by family, big weekend parties at farms, and tons of Hispanic tradition.

Like all good Colombian girls, I attended Catholic school, and went to college for my bachelor’s degree in Business administration while working in several companies.

I always wanted to live abroad and learn other cultures and languages, then I decided to study English in the U.S. I packed my bags and came to America. Little did I know I was going to meet the love of my life here! Yes he is a “gringo,” and after culture shock we are still together, have a son, and a wonderful life.

I was nostalgic about the Hispanic holidays we celebrated in Colombia, the big family parties, the Hispanic foods, the typical Latin home remedies, speaking Spanish, the happy music like merengue, salsa, cumbia, etc., so on any occasion I had I went to the homes of Hispanic friends -most of them married to Americans or foreigners- who celebrate and cook Hispanic style.

What Sparked the Idea to Create This Site

After earning a Marketing MBA and working for years in multinational corporations in Marketing, my husband and I were ready for a family and boom! There I was… pregnant.

At that point, something inside of me (the Latina side) started to come out. How do I know? Because I was sure after having a son I was not ready to go back full time to the 9-5 or should I say 8-8 grind, leaving our precious one at home with somebody else to care for him.

I also knew I needed to make a conscious effort to teach our child the Hispanic traditions I was brought up with. Wow, that meant for me trying to combine two worlds peacefully, my Husband’s American culture and my Hispanic culture.

I started to look deeper and deeper into what it is required to raise a child in the American culture while keeping alive your Latin heritage.

I couldn’t find much information, particularly all in one place. I was also craving intellectual challenge, I wanted to work but like I said, I was not ready to leave my little one at home while I went to work for somebody else. I came to the realization I needed to balance family life with work while doing something I really knew well and was passionate about.

At that point I decided to create a hub about Hispanic culture…but how? I was no website creator, HTML guru, further more I didn’t know anything about creating a strong presence on the internet. And, when was I going to take classes or learn about it with a baby at home?

I did it at night after the home was quiet and during the day when my son was napping.  I found that creating my site and connecting to others gave me the income and great flexibility by doing something I absolutely love while spreading and encouraging many to keep our culture alive. In the process, I learned a lot about the online world, FB, creating e-stores, and my own products that I could give to my followers besides the unique content of Hispanic Culture Online.  Long story short I became and internet entrepreneur with my passion and knowledge!

This passion allowed me to work from home, after I take my son to school, after I come from a recital, or even when I go on vacation for a month to South America. Yup, I work from the dining room of my sister’s home in Colombia right after I put my son to bed, and that for me is priceless.  I also attend several conferences throughout the U.S. during the year learning about my business.

I wanted to work part time from anywhere in the world while creating Hispanic-Culture-Online.com to help people connect, enjoy and preserve this fantastic and rich culture of ours.  You can do the same! You just need to channel your passion and find the way to spread your word. Why? Because it helps you to turn any hobby, passion or skill into a viable online business.

You probably don’t even realize you have knowledge that can make money with an e-business. I know…I thought that myself and I assure you, you are only limited by the way you think!

Why Am I So Passionate About My Dream Job?

Because I write about what I know and love, and it produces income. My expertise comes from working in Multicultural Marketing, living the Latin culture, being a native Hispanic, teaching Spanish to children at Montessori, tutoring and teaching Spanish to professionals, being a speaker at events, a judge at the International Latino Book Awards, researching and being in touch with true Hispanics who are transforming the U.S. and all of this is possible thanks the fabulous world if the Internet!

Who Am I?

As you can see, I am a happy e-biz creator and a Latin business mom who also embraced American culture without forgetting her Hispanic roots. Let’s put is this way: We eat frijoles, chorizo, arepas and tamales but also enjoy American barbecues with burgers and hot dogs.

Our son is completely bilingual although his environment outside home is mostly English speaking. I celebrate all the typical Hispanic holidays but also Thanksgiving, 4th of July etc. It is just a beautiful rich mixture that brings us lots of pleasure as a family.

I use Latin home remedies when we need them, my son ate his first foods not from a jar but from mommy’s pressure cooker and it wasn’t pears and peaches but ” frijoles” and rice, I normally entertain “Latin style” with typical items like “ajiacos,” “arepas,” guacamole, etc,.

We celebrate “La Navidad Hispana” and baby Jesus also brings presents on the 24th before Santa, my son’s toy box includes many special developmental Spanish games.

I speak only in Spanish to our son at home, and we make a strong effort as a family to travel each year to Colombia or any other Hispanic country to enjoy the culture and lifestyle.

We are determined to raise a bilingual in Spanish child and to pass down the traditions of Hispanic culture in our Hispanic-American family while living in the U.S. Doing it is such an enjoyable experience!