Alberto del Río Biography and His Hispanic Heritage

Since the 1930s, masked and costumed “lucha libre” wrestlers have been putting on shows that seem half spectacle and half serious in dusty village squares and in massive city arenas throughout Mexico.

One could argue that this Mexican tradition inspired the World Wrestling Federation in America, so it’s only fitting that a new crop of Hispanic wrestling stars have taken the WWF and WWE by storm. Now-a-days wrestling is becoming part of Hispanic culture.

One of these wrestlers, Alberto del Rio, has achieved international fame as the first ever Mexican-born WWE Champion. Looking at this Alberto del Rio biography you can see how his Hispanic heritage played a big role in his success.

Early Career

Born Alberto Rodriguez in San Luis Potosí, Mexico, this future wrestling star already seemed destined for greatness due to his family connections.

The Mexican Aristocrat

Alberto del Rio can claim membership in one of the most famous Mexican wrestling families, with Dos Caras as his father and Mil Máscaras and Sicodélico as his uncles.

Alberto del Rio began training in Greco-Roman wrestling, learning the holds and moves that form the basis for the lucha libre wrestling style. He proved to be an excellent athlete, earning third place at the World Junior Championships in 1997 and winning his weight division at the Central American and Caribbean Games three times.

When Mexico failed to sponsor a Greco-Roman wrestling team to the Sydney Olympics in 2000, Alberto del Rio turned to the family business and made his debut as Dos Caras Jr. in a lucha libre show with his father.

Career Highlights

In 2007, Alberto del Rio, wrestling on a contract with the Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre, won the CMLL World Heavyweight Championship. This gained him the attention of the WWE. He made the transition to the WWE in June of 2010, and a whole new chapter of the Alberto del Rio biography began.

Now wrestling without a mask, Alberto del Rio won the World Heavyweight Championship and the WWE Championship twice. He also won the Raw “Money in the Bank” event and the Royal Rumble in 2011. These wins made Alberto del Rio one of the most successful Hispanic WWE wrestlers of all time and solidified his status as one of the WWW superstars.

Wrestling Persona

Initially, fans didn’t like Alberto del Rio’s transition into the WWE, primarily because he removed his mask, and also because he changed his wrestling persona from a “técnico” or good guy to a “rudo” or bad guy. However, cheering and jeering plays a huge role in the fun of watching wrestling, and Alberto del Rio’s current persona, “The Mexican Aristocrat,” is a “rudo” we love to hate.

One of the best parts of his appearances is when he rolls up to the ring in a fancy car with a white silk scarf draped about his oiled shoulders, ready to ruthlessly pursue his “birthright” status as champion with signature finishing moves like the “cross armbreaker.”

Maybe we see a bit of ourselves in his “me-first” attitude, but when we boo the Aristocrat for his haughty demeanor we can also poke fun at ourselves and our society, releasing tension in a way that’s always been traditional in lucha libre and now forms the heart of WWE pageantry too.

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