Traveling to Angel Falls Venezuela

Facts,  Tips, Must Do Activities and Best Lodges & Posadas

Hidden away in one of the most remote regions of Venezuela awaits a spectacular experience: Angel Falls Venezuela.  Traveling to the falls isn’t easy, but if you take the time and make the effort you will be rewarded with an unforgettable experience.

Angel Falls Facts

At Angel Falls, water plummets 3,212 feet down the sheer rock face of a sandstone mesa in a dramatic plume of water and explodes in a cloud of mist.  Twenty times higher than Niagara Falls, Angels Falls is actually the tallest waterfall in the world.

Its waters often seem to descend from out of a cloud, and you might assume this is why they have the heavenly name Angel Falls. In reality, the falls bear the name of Jimmy Angel, an aviator who landed atop the falls in the 1937, hiked back to civilization in 11 arduous days, and brought this beautiful place to the world’s attention.

Another interesting Angel Falls fact is that it served as the inspiration for Paradise Falls in the movie “Up.”

El Salto Angel (completamente alucinante y magico)


Tips for Travelers

When to Go: The best time to visit Angel Falls Venezuela is at the tail end of the rainy season, in November or December. During this time, the falls will be powerful and impressive, and the top of the falls is less likely to be shrouded in clouds.

How to Get There: Your trip to the fall will leave from Canaima, which is only accessible by plane. You can fly there from Puerto Ordaz or Ciudad Bolivar.  If you stop in Ciudad Bolivar, you can see a replica of Jimmy Angel’s plane outside the airport.

Where to Stay: You can find plenty of lodges and “camps” around Canaima, but the best of the Angel Falls hotels is Waku Lodge followed very closely by Jungle Rudy’s. See the ranking of Canaima National park lodges here.

What to Bring: You will definitely want to bring your camera to Angel Falls Venezuela! On a more practical side, you will need a hat, sunscreen, and bug spray, as well as sturdy boots for your jungle hike to the falls, and river shoes or sandals and a swimsuit for your time at the falls.

3-Must-Do Activities

1. Hike to the Falls: If you want to truly experience the awesome power of Angel Falls you must get up close and personal.

A four-hour ride in a wooden canoe (aka curiara), followed by a 90-minute hike will bring you to the pool at the base of the falls. Take a swim and enjoy the sights and sounds of the falls.

2. Explore Canaima National Park: After traveling for days to get to Canaima, you might as well explore as much of the park as you can. One popular hike is to Frog Falls.

3. Learn About Local Flora and Fauna: In addition to being visually stunning, the Canaima features some truly unique flora and fauna.

The trick is to go on a trek with a local Pemón Indian guide to see some of the tiniest orchids in the world, and learn about how the isolation imposed by life on these 2-billion-year-old tepuis or “sky islands” shaped the evolution of local plants and animals.

Angel Falls Lodges and Posadas

One thing to remember is that this region called the Guayana region is a bit away and off the beaten path. Getting to the falls can be a bit challenging and reserved for adventurous folks.

When thinking about your sleeping accommodations be realistic, don’t expect 5 star luxury hotels however, Posada Angostura and Posada Casa Grande de Angostura are two small basic hotels in Ciudad Bolivar. This is the place you fly into to see the falls. The advantage is that these hotels have reviews and you can see actual pictures and comments of real people who have been there.

My recommendation is to sleep in the Canaima National Park where hotels are simple yet more close to the action. They are what I call the real deal. After visiting the falls there is flora and fauna to explore right there. Here you can see the best lodges at the Canaima National Park. Also check the SPECIALITY lodging at Canaima National park.

What Other Angel Falls Travelers Have to Say

I am one of those travelers who likes to read and find out the best and the worst of any place I am going to travel to.  I go on forums, read reviews, visit travel sites, etc. Here is a great source for reading and having another perspective about your trip to La Caída del Angel. Angel Falls reviews and comments by real travelers.

Pictures of Angel Falls Venezuela

Remember, as awesome as Angels Falls pictures are, they can’t compare to the real thing! So check out some pictures, get inspired, and then plan to travel to Angels Falls on your own.

Angel Falls from our camp


Angel Falls


Angel Falls

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