Arroz con Leche

A Dessert Made Into a Spanish Song for Children

Talking to one of the Montessori mothers who is Hispanic from Argentina, I found this song to be one of their most beloved canciones infantiles.

I think she looked at me like I had three heads when I asked her to please sing it along with me. Why? she asked… “it is the same one you know” she replied as she started to hum it. Finally she laughed and said o.k.I soon realized the song I know had different lyrics, but overall was almost the same. The version I included here is the one from Spain, which also has some variations in lyrics.

I love this particular video because is simple yet has very nice graphics. Invite your child to see it and sing along!

Tips when teaching this song:

  • This is a great chance to let your children know there are many Hispanic countries therefore the lyrics vary from country to country. Time to show Hispanic culture is diverse and depends on the country you are from.
  • If you decide to make this dessert with your child sing along while preparing it. Repetition is key.


Arroz con leche
me quiero casar
con una señorita de San Nicolás (in Colombia we sing “con una señorita de la capital.”)
que sepa coser, que sepa bordar
que sepa abrir la puerta para ir a jugar.

Yo soy la viudita del barrio del rey
me quiero casar y no se con quién
con esta sí, con esta no
con esta señorita me caso yo. Repeat.

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