Authentic Peruvian Ceviche

Authentic Peruvian Ceviche

One of the fondest images I can recall in my mind is sitting on a deck or in the patio area of my favorite restaurant on a sunny day, lounging to the fullest and enjoying a cool authentic Peruvian ceviche.  The fresh ingredients and splashes of lime and doses of cilantro still play on my tongue and evoke loving memories.

I have been fortunate to have sampled many delicious ceviche recipes from all over South America and for me to distinguish one as my all-time favorite would be an absolute fallacy but there is no harm in discussing a particular recipe for the sake of enjoyment, is there?  I didn’t think so either.

Ceviche Peruano is a unique ceviche recipe so why not talk about it?  If you were born and raised in the states you probably have a good handle on what ceviche is at its core.  The basic ingredients are the same across the board.

Nine time out of ten, with all ceviche you are fortunate enough to try you will taste tomatoes, onions and probably some form or another of seafood.  Authentic Peruvian ceviche puts a few interesting twists on this time tested formula however.

Authentic Peruvian Ceviche

Authentic Peruvian Ceviche

Authentic Peruvian Ceviche Recipe

You don’t have to travel to Peru to enjoy authentic Peruvian ceviche.  The recipe is simple enough and you can easily find the ingredients in your local grocery store but of course, when it comes to the fish, try to find the freshest source near you.

You will need garlic cloves (smashed), red onion, chopped cilantro, limes (freshly squeezed and separated from pulp to the best of your ability), sweet potatoes (steamed), habanero peppers (chopped and de-seeded), and your favorite firm, white fish like fluke or flounder (cubed).  Chunks of corn on the cob are also added to authentic Peruvian ceviche recipes but I tend to omit this ingredient due to personal tastes.

Once you have all of your ingredients prepped you are going to mix them all together and let them marinate the fish you have selected. You can let them marinate in the fridge for an hour or two and while the authentic preparation entails serving the ceviche at room temperature, there is nothing better in my mind to enjoy on a hot summer day than some chilled ceviche.

If you want it keep it as authentic as possible simply take the ceviche out well before you want to eat it and let it get to room temperature.

After that you are pretty much ready to feast. There are a lot of different ways to eat Peruvian ceviche and when it comes to the matters of the stomach, one can hardly be blamed from breaking from tradition.

Again, if you are determined to taste authentic Peruvian ceviche how it was intended you will do well by eating the ceviche on its own on a small plate. If you are like me however and prefer your ceviche to be accompanied by a salty hint, you can enjoy the ceviche on top of a tostada or lightly salted, preferably panadería fresh, tortilla chips.

Make Sure to Enjoy

No matter how you intend to make this simple recipe your own, the most important thing is to make sure you enjoy in a lovely setting, surrounded by your best people.

Peruvian ceviche should always be enjoyed in the light of a glorious day, savoring the light of the sun just as you savor every delectable morsel of this amazing dish.  For more information on Peruvian delicacies, check out this article on The Food Festival of Mistura.

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