Aventura Music and Biography

How Bachata Changed Forever

Name: Anthony Romeo Santos, Lenny Santos, Max Santos and Henry Santos.
Birth date: 21st of July, 1981. October 24, 1979. January 30, 1982. December 15, 1979.
Birthplace: Bronx, NY. Bronx, NY. Bronx, NY and Moca, Dominican Republic.
Breakthrough: Producing the album “We Broke the Rules” specially the famous “Obsession” song.

The origins of Grupo Aventura’s music is simple, it is the dream born from four young men of Hispanic background where three of them were born in the Bronx, NY.

Aventura was founded in New York. Romeo, Lenny, Max and Henry started making beautiful music that had a different character from regular bachata music, where the subjects are mostly about bitterness and spite.

The Aventura music is filled with lyrics that transcend the normal characters that suffer through infidelity and are forsaken. Along elements of Hispanic culture, they’ve managed to incorporate the North American influence into their style as well.

Anthony Romeo is the lead singer and the song writer of the Aventura grupo. He was born on the 21st of July, 1981 in the Bronx.

His father is from the Dominican Republic and his mother is of Puerto Rican descent. With his singing skills, Romeo started singing in the church choir at age 12.

Lenny on the other hand is the lead guitarist. He also works as the musical producer of the group. He was born on October 24, 1979 and got the music vibe in him when he was 15 years old. Starting from hip hop music, he grew and helped develop Grupo Aventura’s bachata and hip hop style.

Max, who is also called Mikey, takes the role of the group’s bass player. He was born in the South Bronx January 30, 1982.

At the same time Romeo was in the church choir, Max was already adept at playing bass. Mikey didn’t have his own bass guitar but learned to play it at school.

The fourth member of the group is Henry who is also a singer and the composer for the group. Born on December 15, 1979, he was the only one in the group who wasn’t born in the Bronx. His birthplace is Moca, Dominican Republic but he and his family moved to New York when he was 14.

With various music productions as accomplishments under their belt like Generation Next, Love and Hate and God’s Project, they’ve provided the world with more than 30 music compositions.

The Beginnings of the Aventura Music

Like many musical groups Aventura struggled at the beginning. According to “Despierta America,” Elvin Polanco -an artist promoter, discovered the group while being in charge of arranging the music talent at a Latin Festival in NY.

It all happened when Anthony Romeo and Lenny approached the promoter asking him to give the group the opportunity to play at the festival. At the time they hadn’t recorded any music, however Elvin gave Aventura the chance and supported them until they recorded their first CD.

“Los Tinellers de La Bachata” were ready to sign their first contract within a year but being minors meant they had to involve their parents before Elvin invested any money in the group.

A health problem affected Elvin and a person who worked with him took the boys to another promoter, Julio César García, who changed the name of the group and used the same songs they had created with Polanco to create “Trampa de Amor.” The new group was born and its name was “Aventura.”

The good nature of the group is evident when they called Polanco 10 years after their first record, not forgetting about who had given them the first helping hand. They reunited and compensated him for his first efforts.

The Rebirth of Bachata the New Aventura Music

For Grupo Aventura music is a successful mix of Hispanic cultural roots with bachata melodies and their favorite musical styles. Their fan base is growing by the minute in part because of their contributions to the music scene.

aventura-music (1)

The Last Back Cover

What makes this group so different is the mix of musical styles like hip hop, pop, R&B, and some rock amongst other styles with bachata.

These mixes make the new bachata fresh and fun, away from the classic bachata style. Also, the group started using different topics for their songs and moved away from those of the typical bachata like bitterness and broken hearts.

For Grupo Aventura music has to go with lyrics that address love, seduction, and hope of new flourishing relationships with more happy endings that identified totally with younger generations.

Some of the best Aventura albums are the 2000 release “We Broke the Rules” famous for its “Obsession” song, and “The Last” released in 2009 from which they spawned 4 hit singles and won several awards including the 2010 “Premio Lo Nuestro.”

In 2010 the group had a release for 18 months from the contract they have with Premium Latin Music to work in separate projects. The idea was to work together starting in 2012 to release a new project in 2013.

Romeo was the first one to test the waters as a soloist with the release of “Formula” which mixes rhythms like R&B, bachata, ballads and fusion, according to his biography in Amazon.

Grupo Aventura’s music continues to be one of the most legendary because of its contributions and changes to bachata. Innovation and creativity mix seamlessly with beautiful lyrics to form a sauce that has taken these young artists to stardom.

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