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I had many questions when I embarked in this journey with my son. The best tip I can give you? Educate yourself and start by reading about bilingualism. Here I post bilingual education articles to help you understand the process and to make it smooth.

I bought several books, read them and talked to my dear friend in Colombia who is an equinotherapyst and phonoaudiologyst (the person who knows about the development of human language and its disturbances,) and decided I would provide a bilingualism corner where parents like me could read about our experiences, research on bilingualism (in easy terms) or simply educate ourselves about the basics of bilingualism.


After living the process, I think the best option is to familiarize yourself with the advantages of bilingual education, how is the process of raising bilingual in Spanish children, and the importance of Spanish language when trying to preserve Hispanic culture.

Bilingual Education Books – Recommended Reading

This is only the start of the journey. There is a lot to learn and understand. Start by reading about the subject as much as you can. Here is a good selection of bilingual eduation books. If you know of a specific book that is a valuable resource, please share it with us!

Bilingual Learning/Education Articles

Language Immersion Myths. Read about the top 5 myths when using language immersion with your child and what the reality is.

Raising a Bilingual In Spanish Child. My Own Experience and What You Can Expect the process to be.

Tips for Raising Bilingual in Spanish Children. I wished other parents told me what I now know about this process.

When Children Learn Spanish They Gain… What happens in their brains while learning another language? Read to find out!

Advantages of Bilingual Education Whoever told you you are going to confuse your child and delay his language learning process? Read to find out the truth.

Spanish for Kids. One of the best ways to boost their brains and keep Hispanic culture alive!

Learning to Speak Spanish Top 3 activities to use to be proficient in Spanish: Spanish learning software, immersion and activities that make you speak.

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