Boca Buenos Aires in Argentina

A Neighborhood Known for Its Colorful Homes and The Boca Juniors Team


Boca Buenos Aires, Argentina
by Debra Del Toro-Phillips


El Barrio La Boca Buenos Aires

This photo is one of the first ones I selected for the Fotografía of America Latina collection. The mixture of colors, textures, and varying shapes is symbolic of the different cultures in Latin America.

In fact, Italian immigrants and many of European descent settled this Barrio of Buenos Aires, Argentina, called La Boca.

It became a working-class neighborhood where the houses were built from left over corrugated iron and other waste found in the nearby harbor. The owners painted the houses in bright colors to make them look more attractive.

The vibrant colors offered a spirit of optimism at a time when conditions were poor. The magic of color and textures has always been associated with Latin American culture indeed; perhaps a representation of the optimistic, vibrant spirit of the Latin people which is a great big mixture of so many different countries and cultures.

While visiting La Boca Buenos Aires, I went to La Bombonera, to watch the Boca Juniors play soccer, which is one of the world’s best-known football teams.

To go to a football game in Argentina, was to have a cultural experience. To holler and root for the Boca Juniors and be in the midst of madness was not only to feel the culture but to be a part of it. It was a colorful experience well suited to accompany the rhythm of culture in La Boca.

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