Carlos Mencía His Story and Best Priced Tickets

Name: Ned Arnel Mencia.
Birth date: October 22, 1967.
Birthplace: San Pedro Sula, Honduras.
Breakthrough: Became the International Comedy Grand Champion of “Buscando Estrellas”, the Latino version of Star Search.

I particularly love the comedy of Carlos Mencía because it is brutally honest and he is unafraid to offend. He is a comedian who touches on political issues that involve social class, culture and race. If you are easily offended I recommend you NOT to watch his comedy.

He is haunted occasionally with accusations that his jokes were not original, he nevertheless gained respect from friends and foes for his lightning-fast wit and fearless rendering of intelligent comments.

Born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, Carlos was the 17th among the 18 children of Roberto Holness and Magdalena Mencía. His uncle Pablo Mencía and aunt Consuelo, raised him while having no children of their own living in the Maravilla Projects of East Los Angeles where Carlos grew up.

He was an exceptionally intelligent student and was given the chance to accelerate to 10th grade after finishing his 6th grade classes. But because of the thug war and gang culture in East L.A. during that period, he was sent back to Seiko, Honduras when he was 12 years old.

According to Carlos, he was a fairly good kid and gave credit to his foster parents for their guidance that kept him away from serious troubles.

He came back in L.A. when he was 15 years old and finished high school; then entered California State University where he took up electrical engineering. After he made a hilarious performance at “The Laugh Factory” in one of its open mic nights, he decided to leave college and pursue a career in comedy.

The famous Hispanic comedian became a regular sight in some of the hottest venues in the stand-up comedy circuit like “The L.A. Cabaret” and “The Comedy Store.”

In 1998, Mencía hosted “Funny is Funny!” on Galavision and made a huge hit comedy album titled “Take a Joke, America” released by Warner Brothers in 2000. His strings of achievements were followed with a successful stand-up comedy tour with Pablo Francisco and Freddy Soto in 2001 known as “The Three Amigos.”

His career had a big boost when he became the grand champion of the Latino version of Star Search “Buscando Estrellas.” This led to his appearances in “The Arsenio Hall”, “Living Color” and became the host of a HBO series titled “Loco Slam” in 1994.

His biggest break came in March 2005 after Comedy Central signed him for a half hour comedy show titled “Mind of Mencía”. The show was a mixture of sketch comedy and Mencía’s own stand-up comedy style. It premiered on July 6, 2005 and lasted for four seasons which became the 9th highest rated program of Comedy Central.

Carlos now lives in Los Angeles with his wife Amy and their only child Lucas Pablo Mencia who was born on December 14, 2006.

His unique brand of Carlos Mencía comedy has gained good number of television followers but also elicited sharp criticisms along the way especially from other comedians. On a recent Maxim magazine issue, Carlos Mencía was named as the 12th all-time worst comedian but on the other hand, television viewers voted him as the 2nd best stand-up comedian in the 2006 “Stand up Showdown” of Comedy Central.

Carlos now lives in Los Angeles with his wife Amy and their only child Lucas Pablo Mencía who was born on December 14, 2006.

Carlos Mencía Tour & Carlos Mencía DVD

Carlos Mencía DVD, the first season of “Mind of Mencía” was released on March 21st 2006 to coincide with the start of the second season of the show. The second season achieved Comedy Central’s ninth highest rated program.

Mencía’s DVDs continue to hit the market in April 3, 2007 including 14 episodes, October 23, 2007 including 14 episodes, and November 11, 2008 including 10 episodes.

Below are the best priced tickets to see this famous Hispanic comedian in action. Beware, he is hilarious! Get ready to enjoy Hispanic comedy to the max, and yes like we say in Latin America “El no tiene pelos en la lengua”, which means he says it like it is…Not for the easily offended person.

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