5 Traditions Amongst Latino Moms

An interesting thing happened to my perception of different cultures when writing about 5 traditions amongst Latino moms and talking to people in my life who could give some insight on the topic.

Instead of finding ‘5 traditions amongst Latino moms’ that distinguish them from mothers of other ethnic backgrounds, I found that such differences were superficial to say the least.  In a way it is affirming for me as writer, a Hispanic and as a human to know that we are not as different as we, if not careful, tend to think we are.

Many of the practices and mannerisms that I remember my mother exhibiting, it turns out are not very different from those of the mothers of my non-Hispanic friends who were a valuable source of information and perspective.

Still, let us not forget that we are still talking about Hispanics so read the following list, remember fondly your own childhood, perhaps learn something new and most of all, let it be a reminder that we are all linked together by a stronger bond than we realize.

5 Traditions Amongst Latino Moms


This tradition is probably the one that has left the largest impact on my life.  My life with my mother was so full of cariños (little affections) that I often do cariños in some form or another myself (mainly to dogs since I have no children of my own).  I would hear cariños directed at me and whenever my mother encountered a baby, small child, my nephews, or really, anything she found adorable.

Cariños are basically little nonsense sayings usually spoken in a baby voice to infants and small children when a mother is so filled with love and warmness; there is simply no other way to express it.


If you are a Latino, then you probably know what I am talking about right off the bat.  Latin moms use Vicks VapoRub as a cure-all when their child is sick.

5 Traditions Amongst Latino Moms

5 Traditions Amongst Latino Moms

For me personally, I believe the healing powers of Vicks is firmly limited but more than anything, it was the ritual of my mother gently rubbing it on my chest when I had a cold that was so therapeutic. It is a loving connection between mother and child and love is always healing.

Folk Tales

Telling spooky tales can be fun and Latino mothers often share the satires and morals of our Hispanic heritage with their children.  Tales like El Coco and La Llorona are some of the most common, the former of which is one I heard personally as a child.

Teaching Spanish

My mother never formally taught me Spanish but I can’t count the number of times that she off-handedly let me know what my grandmother would call certain people or household items.  She loved to tell me the little home-spun phrases of our grandmother and what they meant.

Many Latino moms do take time to make sure their children are fluent in Spanish which acts as a cultural and maternal link. Read here about Marcela Hede’s son and how to Plan Your Spanish Language Immersion.


Possibly the most well-known Latino tradition, the Quincienera celebrates a girl becoming a woman.  This is an important time for a Latino mother and daughter to bond.

There are versions of these traditions present in cultures around the world but there is a definite Hispanic flare in the ones I have described here.

Some of the most interesting traditions are in the way Latino moms name their children because Hispanic baby names mean a lot to them.  Hopefully this has interested you in finding your own correlations between your respective culture and that of the Hispanic culture.

Directory of Spanish Baby Girl Names


Brazilian Girl
by Mariana Choucair


Baby Girl
by Thom Quine

If you would like to know more about a particular Hispanic baby girl name simply scroll down and have fun.

Spanish baby girl names in the U.S. are still very attached to traditions, mainly in households where both parents are Hispanic.

María continues to be a very popular name even among Americans who lately pushed the name to a top spot in preference based on Social Security Administration data.

Many of the baby names in Spanish for girls came from the Bible, and specifically from several titles of the Virgin Mary like Rosario, Guadalupe, Socorro, etc.

Name Origin And Meaning Famous Hispanic
Abigail From the Hebrew Avigayil. Means: father rejoices. Fountain of happiness.
Ada Hebrew origin. Means: beauty.
Adalina Variation of Adeline which comes from the German Adala. Means: noble.
Adela From the German Adala. Means: noble.
Adelaida From the German Adalheidis. Means: noble sort.
Adelita Diminutive of Adela which comes from the German Adala. Means: noble. The name became synonymous of courage and strength in Mexico after the story of “Adelita,” one of the fearless women of the Mexican Revolution who traveled with the revolutionaries.
Adoración Latin origin. Means: adoration.
Adriana From the Latin name Hadrianus. Means: from Hadria. Also means magpie.
Agata Latin form of Greek Agathe. Means: good.
Aída From arabic origin. Verdi used this name for his opera “Aída.” Means: returning visitor.
Aidé From Greek origin. Means: the caressed one.
Alba Spanish and Italian name. Means: dawn, white morning light.
Alejandra From Greek Alexandros. Means: the protector and defender. Alejandra Guzmán. Mexican rock singer. 1968-.
Alicia From the French Adelais. Means: noble sort. Alicia Villareal. Mexican singer. 1974-.
Alina From the Arabic. Means: noble.
Almudena From Arabic origin. Means: the city.
Alondra Variation from Alejandra. From the Greek Alexandros. Means: the protector and defender.
Amada Feminine of Amado. Means: beloved.
Amalia From Arabic origin. Means: bee of the hive.
Amanda Feminine of Amado, a Spanish form of Latin Amatus. Means: beloved.
Amparo Spanish name meaning protection or shelter.
Ana Latin form of Hebrew Chana. Means: grace, favor. Ana Gabriel. Mexican singer and composer. 1955-
Angela One of the Spanish baby girl names from the Latin word Angelicus. Means: angelical.
Angélica One of the Spanish baby names from the Latin word Angelicus. Means: angelical.
Antonia One of the Spanish baby girl names of the Latin Roman Antonious. Means: invaluable.
Antonieta One of the Spanish baby girl names from the Latin Roman Antonius. Diminutive form of Antonia. Means: invaluable. María Antonieta de Las Nieves. Mexican actress. 1950-.
Anunciación From the Italian Annunziata. Means: announces.
Araceli Spanish name. Means: altar of the sky.
Ascención From the Latin ascendere. Means: ascension.
Astrid Modern Scandinavian form of Astridr. Means: God beautiful.
Asunción Another of the Spanish baby girl names taken from the Virgin Mary, in this case her assumption to heaven. Means: assumption.
Aura From Latin origin. Means: air.
Azucena Flower name from Arabic origin. Means: Lily.
Beatriz From the Latin Viatrix. Means: voyager through life.
Belén Name of the house of Bethlehem. Means: house of brad.
Belinda Possibly from the combination of the French belle and the Spanish linda. Means: beautiful.
Benedicta Feminine of Latin Benedictus. Meas: blessed.
Benigna From the Latin Benignus. Means: kind.
Bernarda Feminine form of Bernardo from the German Bernhardt. Means: bold as a bear.
Bibiana From the Roman Viviana. Means: alive.
Blanca From the English and French Blanche. Means: white.
Bonita Spanish origin. Means: pretty.
Camila Feminine of Camilo. From the Roman family name Camillus. Means: attendant –probably of a temple.
Candelaria Spanish name derived from the word candela. Means: candle.
Caridad Religious name from the Latin caritas. Means: charity, one of the three cardinal virtues.
Carla Feminine form of the German Carl. Means: man.
Carmelita Diminutive of the name Carmela, which is the feminine form of Carmel –a biblical name of a mountain of the holy land. Means: vineyard.
Carmen From the biblical name of a mountain of the holy land. Means: vineyard.
Carolina From the Latin Carolus. Means: man. Carolina Herrera. Venezuelan fashion designer, 1939-.
Catalina Associated with Greek cataros. Means: pure.
Caterina Associated with Greek cataros. Means: pure
Celestina Feminine of Spanish Celestino. Comes from the Latin Caelestinus. Means: heavenly.
Charo Form of the name Rosario. Another of the Spanish baby girl names derived from the virgin Mary, La Virgen Del Rosario –Virgin Of The Rosary. Means: rosary.
Chavela Variant of Isabel and the Hebrew name Elizabeth. Means: God’s promise.
Chela From the Indian Cheta or Cheda. Means: servant or pupil.
Chiquita Spanish name. Means: little one.
Clarisa From the Latin Claritia. Means: fame.
Claudia Feminine of Cladius. From Latin origin. Means: lame.
Concepción Spanish name. Means: conception.
Concha-Conchita Spanish name. Means: conception.
Constanza From the Latin name Constans. Means: stead fast.
Consuelo Spanish name. Means: consolation.
Corazón From Spanish origin. Means: heart.
Cristina Feminine of the Latin name Christianus. Means: follower of Christ. Cristina Saralegui. Cuban journalist, 1946-.
Cruz Spanish name. Means: cross.
Custodia From the Latin Custodis. Means: guardian, keeper.
Dalila From the Hebrew Delilah, which is the biblical name of the mistress of Sanson. Means: delicate, gentle.
Dama Spanish name. Means: lady, noble.
Débora The only female judge and prophet mentioned in the bible. Means: bee. Débora Arango. Colombian expressionist painter, 1907-2005.
Delfina Latin name probably coming from the city Delphi. Means: probably dolphin.
Diana From Latin origin. Diana was an ancient Roman divinity often depicted as a huntress. Means: divine.
Dina Hebrew name with Biblical origins. Name of the daughter of Jacob and Leah. Means: battle judged.
Dolores – Doloritas One of the Spanish baby girl names derived from a title of the Virgin Mary, La Virgen De Los Dolores -the virgin of sorrows. Means: sorrows. Dolores del Río. Mexican actress, 1905-1983.
Dominga Femenine form of the name Domingo derived from the Latin Dominicus. Means: belongs to the lord.
Domitila From the Latin name Domitilla. Roman Catholic families named their daughters Domitilla in honor to the saint Flavia Domitilla. Means: little tamed one.
Dorotea Feminine of the Latin Dorotheus. Means: gift of god.
Dulce One of the Spanish baby girl names meaning sweet.
Dulcinea Another of the Spanish baby girl names meaning sweet.
Eldelmira From the Anglo-Saxon name Aethelmaer. Composed of the English elements æðel = noble and mær = famous. Means: noble and famous.
Elena Variant of Helen. From Greek origins. Means: torch, shining light.
Elisa Nickname for Elisabeth. Means: god is my oath.
Eloisa From the Latin Elwisia. Means: very healthy and sound.
Elsa German, English and Scandinavian form of Elizabeth. Means: God is my oath.
Elva Means: truth.
Elvira Visigoth origin. Means: not certain. Probably a form of Aliwera meaning foreign truth.
Ema From German origin. Means: all-containing, universal.
Emelinda One of the Spanish baby girl names from the Latin Aemilius. Others are Emilia and Emiliana (see below.) Means: rival.
Emigdia From the Latin Emigdius. Means: half good.
Emilia Feminine of Emilio. One of the Spanish baby girl names derived from the Latin Aemilious. Means rival.
Emiliana Feminine of Emiliano. One of the Spanish baby girl names from the Latin Aemilius. Means: rival.
Emperatriz Spanish baby girl name meaning empress.
Encarnación – Encarnada Spanish baby girl names meaning incarnation.
Esmeralda Spanish baby girl name. Means: Emerald.
Esperanza Spanish from of the Latin Sperantia. Means: hope.
Estebana One of the Spanish baby girl names derived from the Greek Stephanos. Female form of Esteban. Means: crowned with Laurels.
Estefana Another of the Spanish baby girl names derived from the Greek Stephanos. Means: crowned with Laurels.
Estefanía Another of the Spanish baby girl names derived from the Greek Stephanos. Means: crowned with Laurels.
Estela From the Latin Stella. Means: Star.
Ester Hebrew name. Means: Star of Myrtle leaf.
Estrella Variation From the Latin Stella. Means: star
Eulalia From the Greek elements Eu = good and lalea = to talk. Means: well spoken.
Eva – Evita Latin form of Eve which comes from the Hebrew Chava. Means: alive, living.
Spanish name. Means: trust.
Felicidad From the Roman name Felicitas, which was a myth name of a goddess of good luck. Means: fortune, good luck. In Spanish it means happiness.
Fernanda Feminine name of Fernando, a name of Visigothic origin composed of the elements ferdi = journey and nand = prepared. Means: journey prepared.
Fidelia Femenine of the name Fidel which comes from the Latin Fidelis. Means: faithful.
Fermina Feminine of Fermín which comes from the Latin Firminus. Means: firm, steadfast.
Flor Spanish name. Means: flower.
Florencia – Florentina – Florida Feminine Spanish baby girl names derived form the Latin Florentius. Means: blossoming.
Fortunata Feminine of Fortunato which comes from the Latin Fortunatus. Means: fortunate.
Francisca Feminine form of Francisco which comes from the Latin Franciscus. Means: free.
Frescura Spanish name. Means: freshness.
Galena From the Roman Galenus. Means: calm, tranquil.
Generosa Spanish name. Means: generous.
Genoveva Probable from the Celtic name Geneviève. Means: white race.
Gertrudis From the German name Gertrude. Means: spear strength.
Gitana Spanish name. Means: gypsy.
Gracia From the Latin Gratia. Means: pleasing quality, good will and gratitude.
Graciana From the Latin Gratus. Means: agreeable.
Graciela From the English Grace that came from the Latin gratia. Means: pleasing quality, good Hill and gratitude.
Greta Nickname for the Danish/German name Margareta. Means: pearl.
Guadalupe One of the Spanish baby girl names derived from the Virgen Mary, Virgen De Guadalupe, patron of Mexico.
Herminia Feminine of the Spanish Herminio which comes from the German Hermann. Means: army man.
Hermosa Spanish name. Means: beautiful.
Hortensia Spanish name of a Hydrangea plant.
Ignacia Femenine of Ignacio from the Latin Ignatius. Means: unknowing.
Inés From the name Agnes which comes from the Greek Hagne. Means: Chaste and pure.
Inmaculada One of the many Spanish baby girl names coming from the virgin Mary, La Virgen de la Immaculada Concepción –Virgin Of The Immaculate Conception. Means: Immaculate, pure, without stain.
Isabel – Isabela Variant of Elisabeth, the biblical name of the mother of John the Baptist. Means: God is my oath.
Isadora Variant of the English/French name Isidora that comes from the Greek Isidoros. Means: gift from Isis.
Ivet From From the German Yvo. Means: yew tree.
Jacinta Spanish form of the word Hyacinth which comes from the Greek Hyakinthos. Means: Hyacinth flower.
Javiera Feminine of Javier which comes from the Basque Xavier Means: a new house.
Jesusa Feminine of Jesús. Means: God is salvation.
Jimena Variant of Spanish Ximena which comes from the Greek Simon. Means: hearkening.
Joaquina Feminine of Joaquín which comes from the biblical name Joachim. Means: established by God.
Josefa – Josefina Spanish form of Joseph and Josephine which come from the Hebrew Yosef. Means: God shall add.
Juana – Juanita Feminine of Juan which comes from the Hebrew Yochanan. Means: god is gracious.
Judit Biblical name of wife of Esau. Means: woman of Judea.
Julia – Julieta Feminine of Julius a Roman Latin name. Means: soft bearded implying youth.
Juliana Roman name derived from Julius. Means: youth.
Juno Roman myth name of the spouse of Jupiter.
Justa – Justina Feminine of the Latin Justinus. Means: fair, just.
Laura From the Latin Laurus. Means: crowned with Laurels.
Leandra Feminine of Latin Leander. Means: lion man.
Leocadia From the Greek laukadus. Means: bright, clear.
Leonor – Leonora From the German name Alienor. Means: Foreign.
Lesly From Gaelic origin. Means: garden of Hollies.
Leticia From the Latin name Laetitia. Means: happiness.
Lía From the Hebrew Leah. Means: weary.
Liana Means: youthful.
Libia Derived from Libya. Romans used this Latin name to refer to the continent of Africa. Means: Africa.
Lida From the Biblical name Lydia who was a woman converted to Christianity by Paul. Means: of Lydia.
Ligia From Greek Ligea. Means: shrill whistling voice.
Lilian – Liliana From the Latin word Lilium. Means: Lily.
Lina From Arabic origin. Means: palm tree.
Linda Spanish name. Means: pretty.
Lisa Nickname for Elisabeth. Means: God is my oath.
Lola – Lolita Spanish form of Dolores, which is another of the Spanish baby girl names derived from the Virgen Mary. In this case Virgen De Los Dolores –Virgin of The Sorrows. Means: sorrows.
Lorena Feminine or of Lauren which is derived from the Roman Laurentius. Means: of Laurentum.
Lourdes Religious Spanish name that originated in the place in France where the Virgin Mary appeared to Bernarda. Means: not known.
Lucía Feminine form of Roman Lucios. Means: light.
Lucila Diminutive form of the Spanish name Lucía. Means: light.
Lucrecia From the Latin Lucror. Means: succed.
Luisa Spanish feminine of Luis which comes from the German name Hludwig. Means: famous warrior.
Luna From the Roman Myth name of a moon goddess. Means: moon.
Lupe – Lupita Diminutive Spanish name of Guadalupe, which is one of the Spanish baby girl names derived from title of the Virgin Mary, Virgen De Guadalupe -the patron of Mexico.
Luz Spanish religious name derived from a title of the virgin Mary, La Virgen De La Luz meaning virgin of the light. Means: light.
Mabel From the Latin Amabilis. Means: lovable.
Macarena – Macaria From the Latin name Makarius, also from a place in Seville. Means: blessed.
Mafalda From the Italian Matilda which originated in the German Mahthildis. Means: mighty in battle.
Magali From the French name Magalie. Means: probably a form of Margaret meaning pearl.
Magda From the Latin magdalena. Means: of Magdala.
Manola – Manolita – Manuela Feminine of the Spanish Manuel which is a biblical form of Emmanuel who was a promised Messiah. Means: God is with us.
Marcela Feminine of Marcelo which comes from the Roman Marcellus. Means: warlike.
Marcelina Form of Polish Marceli which comes from the Roman Marcellus. Means: warlike.
Margarita Latin form of Greek Margarites which comes from the word Margaron. Means: pearl.
María Latin form of Mary which is the biblical name of the mother of Jesus. Means: beloved.
Mariana Feminine form from the Roman Marianus. Means: like Marius.
Maribel Name coming from two names María and Isabel. Means: beloved – God is my oath.
Maricela From the Spanish names María and Celia. Means: beloved – heaven.
Maricruz From the Spanish names María and Cruz. Means: beloved – cross.
Mariel From the Latin María. Means: beloved.
Mariela Adapted from the Italian Mariella which comes from the Latin María. Means: beloved.
Marina Feminine form of the Latin Marinus. Means: of the sea.
Marisa Adapted from the English Marissa which comes from the Latin Maris. Means: of the sea.
Marisol Spanish name composed of the names María and Sol. Means: beloved sun.
Marita Spanish form of María. Means: beloved.
Marleni From the Latin Marlene. Means: beloved one from Magdala.
Marta Spanish form of Martha which comes from the Arameic biblical name of the sister of Lazarus. Means: lady.
Maya Spanish name from the Greek Maia, also in the Hidi myth it was the name of the mother of Siddhartha. Means: illusion.
Melinda Modern name made of Melanie and Linda. Means: dark serpent.
Melisa From the word Melissa. Means: honey bee.
Melva From the name Melvin probably from the Gaelic Maoilmhi. Means: gentle chieftain.
Mercedes One of the Spanish baby girl names derived from the title of the Virgen Mary, in this case Virgen De Las Mercedes –Mary Of The Mercies. Means: mercies.
Mia From the Danish and Swedish form of María. Means: beloved.
Milagros Other of the Spanish baby girl names taken from the title of the Virgen Mary, Virgen De Los Milagros –Virgin Of the miracles. Means: miracles.
Milena From the Czec Milana. Means: favor, grace.
Miriam Hebrew form of Mary. Means: beloved.
Modesta Feminine form of Roman Modestus. Means: moderate, humble.
Mónica From the Latin Monere. Means: advise. counsel.
Narcisa From the feminine of Latin Narcissus. Means: sleep.
Natalia Latin name from the word Natalis. Means: birthday.
Natividad Spanish name for nativity.
Neli Nickname for Helen or Ellen. From the Greek origins. Means: torch, shining light.
Nicolasa Spanish feminine of Nicolás which originated in the Greek word Nikolaos. Means: victory of the people.
Nieve – Nieves Another of the Spanish baby girl names derived from the title of the Virgin Mary, Nuestra Señora De Las Nieves –Our lady Of The Snow. Means: snow.
Noelia Spanish form of the French Noele. Means: God’s birthday.
Noemí Spanish form of Biblical Noami, who was the mother-in-law of Ruth. Means: pleasantness.
Nora From the Latin Honora. Means: honor, valor.
Norma From the Latin Norma. Means: standard, rule.
Nubia Probably from the Egyptian word nbw. Means: gold.
Octavia Feminine of Octavio from the Roman family name Octavus. Means: eighth.
Ofelia Spanish form of Ophelia from the Greek Ophelos. Means: help.
Olalla Spanish form of Eulalia. Means: well spoken.
Olga From the Russian Oleg which comes from the Scandinavian name Helge. Means: prosperous and successful.
Olivia Feminine form of Oliver, a name from Norman French origin. Means: elf army.
Paca – Paquita Spanish form of Francisca. Means: free.
Paloma Feminine Spanish name meaning dove or pigeon. Paloma Picasso. French-Spanish designer and daughter of painter Pablo Picasso. 1949-.
Pamela From the Greek elements Pam = all & Eli = honey. Means: all honey.
Pandora From the Greek myth of the woman who unleashed evil into the world by opening a box. From the elements Pan = all and Doron = gift. Means: all-gift.
Paola Feminine from the Italian Paolo which comes from the Latin Paulus. Means: small.
Pascuala Feminine of Pascual from the Latin Paschalis. Means: child of Ester.
Pastora Feminine of Pastor, a Spanish name of a 9-year-old shepherd who was martyred along with his brother in the 4th century. Means: shepherd.
Patricia Feminine of Latin Patricius. Means: noble woman.
Paula Feminine form of Latin Paulus. Means: small.
Paulina Feminine form of Latin Paulinus, a Roma Latin name originated in the word Paulus. Means: small Paulina Rubio. Mexican pop singer and actor. 1971-.
Penélope From the Greek myth of the wife of Odysseus. From the elements pene = niddle and lopas = spool. Means: weaver of cunning. Penelope Cruz. Spanish actress. 1974-.
Perla – Perlita Spanish form of pearl. Means: pearl.
Perpetua From the Latin Perpetuus. Means: everlasting.
Petra Latin feminine of Peter which comes from the Greek Petros. Means: stone, rock.
Petunia From the English name of the flower. Means: petunia.
Pía Feminine of Pío from the Latin Pius. Means: pious.
Piedad Spanish name meaning Mercy.
Pilar One of the Spanish baby girl names derived from the title of the Virgin Mary, La virgin Del Pilar which means Mary Of The Pillar.
Plácida Feminine form of the Latin Placidus. Means: calm, placid.
Primavera Spanish name meaning Spring.
Prudencia From the Latin word prudens meaning prudent.
Pura – Purita Spanish name meaning pure.
Rafaela Feminine form of Raphael, a Biblical name of one of the seven archangels. Means: God has healed.
Ramira Feminine of Ramiro which comes from the Latin Ramirus. Means: wide and famous.
Ramona Spanish feminine of Ramón which comes from the German Raginmund. Means: wise protector.
Raquel One of the Spanish baby girl names derived from the bible. Form of Rachel who was Jacob’s favorite wife. Means: lamb.
Rebeca one of the Spanish baby girl names derived from the biblical name of the wife of Isaac. Means: one who shares or traps.
Regina Spanish name meaning queen.
Reina Spanish name meaning queen.
Remedios One of the Spanish baby girl names derived from the title of the Virgin Mary, La virgin De Los Remedios which means Virgin Of The Remedies.
Renata Spanish feminine of Renato which comes from the Latin Renatus. Means: reborn.
Roberta Feminine form of Roberto which comes from Robert. From German origin created from hrod = fame and berth = bright. Meaning: bright and famous.
Rocío One of the Spanish baby girl names derived from the title of the virgin Mary, Virgen Del Rocío –Mary Of The Dew. Means: dew.
Rosa From Latin origin. Means: rose.
Rosalba Name of Italian origin from the words rosa = rose and alba = white.
Rosalinda Spanish name meaning pretty rose.
Rosangela Italian name compound of rose and angel.
Rosario One of the Spanish baby girl names derived from the title of the Virgin Mary –Nuestra Señora Del Rosario meaning Our Lady Of The Rosary. Means: rosary.
Rubi From the Latin rubber = red. Means: ruby.
Salma From Arabic Salman. Means: safe. Salma Hayek. Mexican actress, producer and director. 1966-.
Salomé Spanish name from Biblical origins. Salomé asked her father -Herod for the head of John the Baptist. Means: peace.
Salud Spanish name meaning health.
Samanta Derived from the English Samantha which is of unknown origin. Means: God has hearkened.
Sandra From the Italian Alessandra which is the feminine of Alexander which comes from the Greek Alexandros. Means: defender of mankind.
Sara From the Biblical name God gave to Sarai the wife of Abraham. Means: princess.
Selena Latin form of Greek Selene. Means: moon. Selena Quintanilla Perez. Mexican American singer. “The queen of Tejano music.” 1971-1995.
Silvana Feminine form of the Italian Silvano which comes from the Latin silva. Means: forest.
Silvia Roman name from the Latin Silvius. Means: from the forest.
Simona Feminine form of Simon which comes from the biblical name Simeon. Means: hearkening.
Socorro One of the Spanish baby girl names from the title of the Virgin Mary –María Del Pertpetuo Socorro meaning Mary Of The Perpetual Succor. Means: succor.
Sofía Spanish form of the Greek Sophia. Means: wisdon.
Soledad Spanish name meaning loneliness, solitude.
Sonia From the Russian name Sonya which comes from the Greek name Sophia. Means: wisdom.
Susana Spanish form of Sussana which is a biblical form of Greek Sousanna who was the wife of Joachim Means: lily.
Talía – Thalía Femenine form of Hebrew Tal. Means: dew. Thalia Ariadna Sodi Miranda. Mexican singer, 1971-.
Tatiana Feminine form of Latin Tatianus probably related to the word tata. Means: father.
Teófila Feminine of Teófilo from the Latin Theophilus. Means: God’s friend
Teresa From the Greek element therizo meaning harvest. Means: harvester.
Trinidad Spanish name meaning trinity.
Ursula From the Latin Ursula. Means: little she-bear.
Valencia Spanish name meaning power.
Valentina Feminine form of the Latin Valentinus which comes from the element valens that means healthy. Means: healthy, strong.
Valeria – Váleri Feminine form of Valerius which was a Roman name from the Latin Valere. Means: strong.
Vanesa Probably a variation form of the Greek Vanessa. Means: butterfly.
Verónica Latin form of Berenice. This name was influenced by the Latin phrase Veraiconia giving origin to the legend of St Verónica, who wiped Christ face on his way to the Calvary. Means: bringer of victory.
Victoria Roman name of the godess of victory. From of Roman Victorius. Means: victory.
Violeta Spanish name of the Violet flower, also the color violet.
Vivian From the Latin virgo. Means: virgin.
Viviana From the Roman Vivianus which is a name from the Latin vivus. Means: alive, animated.
Virginia From the Latin virgo. Means: virgin.
Ximena Feminine form of Spanish Ximen which comes from the Biblical Simeon, son of Jacob and Leah. Means: hearkening.
Xiomara Feminine form of Spanish Guiomar. Means: famous warrior.
Yazmín Variant of Jasmine which comes from the Persian Yasmine. Means: Jasmine flower.
Yesenia Possibly a Spanish form of the English Jessenia. Means: God sees.
Yolanda From the English Yolanda which first origins were the name Iolanthe. Means: violet flower.
Yvon French form of German Yvo. Means: yew tree.
Zarita Spanish baby girl name form of Sarah a biblical name. Means: princess.
Zenaida Spanish form of Greek Zenais. Means: possible mean Zeus.

Hispanic Baby Boy Name

Find Your Favorite Hispanic Baby Boy Name Or Simply Learn About Spanish Baby Names

If you would like to know more about a particular Hispanic baby boy name simply scroll down and have fun.

Hispanic baby names are growing in popularity, and you may be interested in following the trend by naming your “bundle of joy” with one of the names I included in this great directory for boys.

This directory is a tool for you to find a Hispanic baby name with origin, meaning, and when possible, the name of a famous Hispanic who has it!

Did you know that there is lots of tradition involved in naming our children? If you are interested in learning more about it go to my page
All About Hispanic Baby Names And Spanish Baby Names


hispanic baby boy name

Hispanic baby boy name

Name Origin and Meaning Famous Hispanics
Abejundio From the bees. Abeja means “bee” in Spanish.
Abrahan Hispanic baby boy name from Biblical origins. Means: father of the multitude.
Adán Hispanic baby boy name from Biblical origins, specifically the name of the first man. Variation from Adam. Means: earth.
Adolfo From the old German Adalwold. Means: noble hero.
Agustín From the Roman Augustinus. Means: The exalted one. Agustín Lara. Mexican composer, 1900-1970.
Aldo Means: old wealth.
Alejandro From Greek Alexandros. Means: the protector and defender. Alejandro Sánz. Spanish singer, 1968-.
Alfonso From the Visigothic Adalfuns. Means: noble warrior, battle ready. Alfonso Pérez Muñoz. Spanish soccer player, 1972-.
Alfredo From the Anglo Saxon Alfred. Means: elf counsel. Alfredo de La Fé. Cuban-born violinist.
Alonso variant of Alfonso. Means: noble and ready. Fernando Alonso Díaz. Spanish F1 racer, 1981-.
Andrés Hispanic baby boy name from Biblical origins. He was the apostle and brother of Peter. Form of Andrew. Means: man/warrior.
Angel Means: messenger of God.
Anibal Form of Phoenician Hannibal. Means: grace of Ba’hal -Lord or possessor.
Anselmo Form of German Anselm. Means: God-protection.
Antonio From the Roman Antonius. Means: worthy of praise. Antonio Banderas. Spanish actor, 1960-.
Apolinar Form of Greek Apollinaris. Means: destroyer.
Armando From the German Harmand. Means: bold/hardy man. Armando Christian Pérez. Cuban-American rapper known as Pitbull, 1981-.
Carlos Form of Charles. Means: free man. Carlos Santana. Mexican guitarrist, 1947-.
Casimiro From the Slavik Casimir. Means: famous destroyer.
Castel Means: belonging to a castle.
Cecilio From the name Caecus. Means blind/sixth.
César from the Roman family name Caesar. César Chávez, 1927-1993. Labor lider.
Chale Means: strong and manly.
Chico Means: boy, lad. Used also as diminutive of Franciso.
Ciro Means: the sun.
Claudio Masculin of Claudia. Means: the lame one.
Clemente From Latin Clemens. Also a last name. Means: Gentle and merciful.
Cornelio From Roman Cornelius. Means: horn.
Cristiano Form of Christian. Means: follower of Christ.
Damián From the Greek Damianos. Means: to subdue.
Darío Means: wealthy.
David Hispanic baby boy name from Biblical origin. Means: beloved.
Desiderio From the Latin Desiderius. Means: desire. Desi Arnaz, 1917-1986. Cuban actor, creator of I love Lucy show.
Diego Uncertain origin maybe from the name Tiago, which morphed into Diego. May also be derived from the Latin name Didacus, which means doctrina, teaching Diego Rivera, 1886-1957. Mexican muralist and husband of Frida Khalo.
Dionisio From the Greek Dionysios. Means: follower of Dionysos “Zeus-Nysa.”
Domingo From the Latin Dominicus. Means: day of the Lord.
Edgardo Form of Anglo-Saxon Eadgard. Means: rich spear.
Edmundo Form of English Edmund. Means: protector of prosperity.
Eduardo From the English Edward. Means: guardian of prosperity. Eduardo Estrada Palomo. Mexican actor, 1962-2003.
Efraín Form of Hebrew Efrayim. Means: fruitful.
Eliseo Hispanic baby boy name from the Hebrew biblical name Elisha. Means: God is salvation. Eliseo Salazar Valenzuela. Former F1 racing driver from Chile. 1955-.
Emilio Form of Latin Aemilius. Means: rival.
Enrique From the English Henry. Means: home-ruler. Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler. Spanish singer, 1975-
Ernesto Form of English Ernest. Means: battle to the death. Ernesto Guevara de la Serna – “El Ché Guevara.” Argentine-born Marxist revolutionary, 1928-1967.
Esteban Form of Greek Stephanos. Means: crown.
Fabián Form of Latin Fabianus. Means: like Fabius -bean.
Fabio From the Roman Fabius. Means: bean.
Fabricio From the Roman Fabricius. Means: crafstman.
Fausto Form of Roman Faustus. Means: lucky. Fausto Carmona. MLB player from Dominican Republic, 1983-.
Federico Form of English Frederick. Means: peaceful ruler. Federico García Lorca. Spanish poet and dramatist, 1898-1936.
Felipe From the Greek Philippos. Means: lover of horses. Don Felipe, Prince of Asturias. Spanish prince, 1968-.
Fernando Form of Visigothic Ferdinand. Means: journey-prepared.
Fidel From the Latin Fidelis. Means: faithful. Fidel Castro. Cuban dictator and ex-president, 1926-.
Francisco From the Latin Franciscus. Means: free.
Fulgencio From the Latin Fulgentius. Means: shining. General Rubén Fulgencio Batista. Cuban military leader, 1901-1973.
Gaspar Hispanic baby boy name derived from the Bible. One of the three kings who brought offerings to baby Jesus on his birthday. Means: treasure bearer.
Geraldo From the German name Gairovald. Means: spear ruler. Geraldo Rivera. Hispanic-American television journalist from Puerto Rican Origin, 1943-.
Gerardo Form of English and irish name Gerard. Means: spear brave.
Gilberto From the English Gilbert. Means: pledge-bright. Gilberto Santa Rosa. Puerto Rican singer of salsa and bolero, 1962-.
Gonzalo From the Visigothic Gundislav. Means: battle genius.
Graciano From the Roman Gratianus. Means: pleasing or agreeable.
Gregorio From the English Gregory. Means: watchful, vigilant.
Guillermo Form of English William. Means: will-helmet.
Gustavo From the Latin Gustavus. Means: meditation staff. Gustavo Adolfo Dudamel Ramirez. Musician and composer from Venezuela. 1982-
Héctor From the Latin Hector. Means: steadfast.
Hernán Means: journey prepared.
Hernando From the Visigothic Ferdinand. Means: journey prepared.
Hipólito From the Greek Hippolytos. Means: horse freer.
Horacio From the Roman Horatius. Means: has good eyesight.
Humberto Form of English Humbert. Probable meaning: bright support.
Ignacio From the Latin Ignatius. Possible meaning: unknowing.
Inocencio From the Latin Innocentius. Means: innocent.
Ismael Hispanic baby boy name from Biblical origins. He was the son of Abraham. Means: God will hear.
Jaime From Hebrew origin. Means: supplanter.
Javier From the basque Xavier. Means: a new house.
Jerónimo From the Greek Hieronymos. Means: holy name.
Jesús Hispanic baby boy name from the Bible. Means: God is salvation.
Joaquín From the biblical name Joachim. Means: established by God.
Jorge From the Greek Georgios. Means: earth worker or farmer. Jorge Ramos, Mexican News Presenter.
José From the Hebrew Yosef. Means: God shall add. José José. Singer and actor from mexico, 1948-.
Juan From the Latin Johannes. Means: God is gracious. Juan Esteban Aristizábal – Juanes, 1975-. Colombian singer.
Julián From Greek origin. Variant from the Roman Julianus. Means: Jove’s child.
Julio Variant of Julián. Means: Jove’s child. Julio César Chavez. Retired Mexican professional boxer, 1962-.
Leonardo From German Leonhard. Means: lion strong.
Leopoldo Derived from the German Leudbold and Liutbald. Means: brave among the people.
Luis From German Ludwig. Means: famous warrior. Luis Fonsi. Singer and actor from Puerto Rican ancestry, 1978-.
Manolo From Spanish Manuel. Means: God is with us.
Manuel Variation of Emmanuel. Hispanic baby boy name from Biblical origin meaning promised Messiah. Means: God is with us. Manuel Elkin Patarroyo. Colombian pathologist who developed the vaccine for malaria., 1947-.
Marcos From the Latin Marcus. Means: warlike.
Mario From the Latin marius. Means: male, virile.
Martín From the Latin Martinus. Means: like Mars.
Mateo Hispanic baby boy name from Biblical origin. Means: gift of God.
Mauricio From the Latin Mauricius. Means: Moor, dark skinned.
Maximiliano From the Latin Maximus. Means: greatest.
Miguel Hispanic baby boy name from Biblical origin who was the prince of angels. Means: like the Lord. Miguel Bosé. Singer born in Panama but considered by many Spaniard, 1956-.
Modesto From the Latin Modestus. Means: modereate, sober.
Nerón From the Latin Nero. Means: powerful.
Nicanor Means: modereate, sober.
Nicolás From the Greek Nikolaos. Means: victory of the people.
Noé Hispanic baby boy name from Biblical origin who was the patriarch of the diluvium. Means: rest.
Octavio Roman family name from the word octavus. Means: eighth. Octavio Paz Lozano. Mexican writer, poet, and diplomat who won the 1990 Nobel Prize in Literature. 1914-1998.
Oscar Gaelic origin. Means: deer lover. Oscar de la Hoya Hispanic American boxer, 1973-.
Osvaldo Form of English Oswald. Means: God power.
Ovidio From the Roman Ovidius. Means: sheep herder.
Pablo From the Latin Paulus. Means: small. Pablo milanés. Cuban singer, songwriter and guitar player, 1943-.
Paco Pet form of Francisco. Means: free.
Pancho Pet form of Francisco. Means: free. Pancho -character from “Plaza Sesamo” or Sesame Street.
Pascual From the Latin Paschalis. Means: child of Easter.
Pastor Late Latin name. Means: shepherd.
Pedro Hispanic baby boy name from Biblical origin. From the Greek Petros. Means: stone. Pedro Martinez. Dominican Baseball player, 1992-.
Pepe Spanish pet form of José. Means: God shall add. Pepe Aguilar. Hispanic American singer of “Ranchera” music, 1968-.
Plácido From the Latin Placidus. Means: placid, calm. Plácido Domingo. Spanish opera tenor, 1941-.
Plinio From the Roman Plinius. Means: unknown.
Porfirio From the Greek Porphyrios. Means: purple.
Próspero From the Roman Prosperus. Means: fortunate, successful.
Rafael Hispanic baby boy name from Biblical origin who was one of the seven archangels. Means: God has healed.
Raimundo From the German Raginmund. Means: wise protector.
Ramiro From the Latin Ramirus. Means: wise and famous.
Ramón From the German Raginmund. Means: wise protector. Ramón Hernández. Venezuela born major League Baseball catcher, 1973-.
Raúl From the German Radulf. Means: wise wolf.
Reinaldo From the German Reginold. Means: wise ruler.
Renato From the Latin Renatus. Means: reborn.
Ricardo From the German Richard. Means: powerful and brave. Ricardo Arjona. Guatemalan singer, 1964-.
Roberto From German origin . Means: bright and famous. Roberto Clemente Walker, 1934-1972. Puerto Rican Baseball player.
Rodolfo From the German Rudolf. Means: famous wolf.
Rodrigo From the German Hrodrick. Means: famous ruler.
Rogelio From the Latin Rogelius. Means: probably prayed for.
Rolando From the German Hroland. Means: famous land.
Rubén Biblical name of the eldest son of Leah and Jacob. Means: behold. Rubén Blades. Panamanian salsa singer, 1948-.
Rufino From the Roman name Rufus. Means: red haired.
Salomón Hispanic baby boy name from Biblical origin who was a king of Israel and son of David. Means: man of peace.
Salvador From the Latin Salvatore. Means: savior. Salvador Dalí. Spanish surrealist painter, 1904-1989.
Santiago Spanish name composed of two parts “saint” and the name “Iago.” Means: suplanter.
Sebastián From the Roman Sebastianus. Means: from Sebaste.
Sergio From the Roman family name Sergius. Means: servant.
Silvio From the Roman Silvius which comes from the Latin Silva. Means: from the forest. Silvio Rodriguez. Cuban Musician, 1946-.
Timoteo Biblical name of a companion of Paul. Means: to honor God.
Tomás Hispanic baby boy name from Biblical origins who was one of the twelve apostles of the new testament. From the Arameic Tom. Means: twin.
Ulises From the Latin Ulysses. Means: probably “to be angry/to hate.”
Vicente From the Latin Vincere. Means: conquering. Vicente Fernández. Mexican ranchera singer, 1940-.
Victor Probably from the Latin Vincere. Means: victory.
Virgilio From the English Virgil. Means: staff bearer.
Xavier Basque origin. Means: bright, splendid.
Zacarías Hispanic baby boy name of Biblical origin who was one of the twelve minor prophets. Means: God has remembered.


Hispanic Baby Names and Spanish Baby Names

Hispanic Naming Traditions

Hispanic baby names are a way to carry on tradition in Hispanic culture. You may ask yourself, tradition? Yes! As you may already know, two of the most important elements in Hispanic culture are family and religion, and both play a significant role in the naming of our children.

Read on and find out how we name our little ones and why we often do it based on tradition and religion. Understand why Hispanic naming traditions may be changing, and how Hispanic baby names and Spanish baby names are influencing American culture.

Hispanic Baby Names and Traditions

  • We love to name our babies after parents, grandparents, or even great-grandparents. This Hispanic naming tradition is not strictly followed today but until recently it was customary to name our kids after these relatives, particularly after our parents.

For example, the name “María” has been in our family for a long time. My grandmother’s name was “María” Consuelo, my mother’s name was “María” and my oldest sisters’ name is Liliana “María”. There you have it, a perfect example of family tradition in Hispanic baby names.

  • The most popular religion in Spanish-speaking countries is Catholicism, therefore families also take baby names directly from the Bible or name their children after patrons and saints. Today these names are considered typical Hispanic baby names.

hispanic-baby-names-virgen-de-guadalupe-1Following this tradition, many women in Mexico are named “Guadalupe” in honor of the “Virgen de Guadalupe” who is the patron of Mexico after her appearance to Juan Diego on December 12th, 1531 on Tepeyac Hill.

Many Spanish-speaking parents choose a name based on what the Bible says in a specific passage, where the name is mentioned, or based on a virtue the name signifies.

Examples of these Hispanic names are “Caridad” -charity, and “Esperanza” -hope, which are part of the three Catholic virtues: faith, hope and charity.

We love to tell our children the meaning of their names and the passages where they came from.

  • In many cases Spanish baby names are similar to Jewish baby names because they come from the Old Testament. Examples of these names are David, Daniel, Jonás, Sara, Talía, etc. The main difference is the spelling.
  • Spanish baby names are traditionally made of two or more names accompanied by the father and mother’s last names, in that order. We have long names, and yes, we use both parents’ last names.

For example, in the name Isabel María Vélez Soto, Isabel is the first name, María is the middle name, Vélez is the last name of the father followed by Soto, the last name of the mother.

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Hispanic Baby Name Traditions May Be Changing Today

I believe the tradition of how Hispanic baby names are chosen is changing today, and I think this is due to:

1-Globalization along with information accessibility and…
2-Mix of ethnicities.

1-Hispanic Baby Names and Globalization Along With Information Accessibility

The world is shrinking and world boundaries are blurring as we become more global.  Traveling and information are more available today giving us a wider vision of the world.  Access to other cultures and different names are opening the possibility to name our children away from the traditional Hispanic baby names.

Today it is very common to see other cultures and especially artists that Hispanics revere influencing our everyday lives. Now-a-days Hispanic babies receive the names of the parents’ beloved artists because news, world shows, and global TV are widely available to many more Hispanics.

2-Hispanic and Spanish Baby Names and “The New Mix”

Today, there are more interracial marriages than ever before, and in many cases last names don’t go along with names we would like our children to have. For example, Hispanic baby names like José, Pedro, Juan, Lina, etc., may not sound very appealing with American last names like Smith, Goldman, etc.

Do you know that in some South American countries like Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Bolivia, families with many assets did not marry outside the family to keep blood, last names, and wealth all at home? This custom made many Hispanic names repeat generations after generations.

Even though the February 2007 U.S.A. Today article “Cross-Cultural Marriage Rates Falling,” explains how interracial marriages are falling among immigrants, there is still a great mix of ethnicities that, in my opinion, are shaping the way we name our children within Hispanic-American culture.

Influences of Hispanic and Spanish Baby Names in American Culture

Spanish baby names and Hispanic baby names are making their way into mainstream America. Data from the Social Security Administration shows eight identifiable Spanish baby names per gender made it to the Top 100 list for the years 2000 to 2006.

What are the Spanish baby names that are included in the Top 100?

The most popular Hispanic baby boy names were José, Juan, Luis, Carlos, Jesús, Diego, Antonio, Miguel, and Alejandro. The most popular Hispanic baby girl names were María, Amanda, MI\ía, Isabel, Sofía, Angela, Sara, and Sierra (which is also a Latin last name.)

Popular “telenovelas” -Hispanic soap operas, are broadcast in the U.S. and overseas making the names of the characters very popular among Hispanics even though some of the names are not traditional Spanish baby names.

Hispanic baby names and Spanish baby names are making their way into American culture while Hispanic baby naming traditions are experiencing changes by adapting to new information, tastes and ethnic mixes.