Hispanic Traditions or Tradiciones Hispanas

Interested in learning and enjoying Hispanic traditions? Here I am compiling some of the most common and interesting ones amongst Spanish speaking people from North, Central and South America.

For example, we know Hispanics practice these traditions: Shave their baby’s hair, celebrate “Quinceañera,” name one of their brothers or sisters as god-father and god-mother for their children, pierce their baby girl’s ears, give some special jewelry at birth to their little ones, have the father of the bride pay for the wedding, tell their scary Latin American stories to their children and many more!

Shaving Your Baby’s Hair

Hispanic Traditions

Shaving Your Baby’s Hair This tradition is true and old. Many call it: pelar, rapar, rasurar or afeitar al bebé. It is a tradition widely spread throughout many Hispanic countries.

Carta al Niño Dios

Carta al Niño Dios

Carta al Niño Dios Writing a letter to baby Jesus is one of the most rewarding Latino Christmas traditions. Read to find out how Hispanics write to “El niño Dios” every Christmas…

El Ratón Pérez

Raton Perez

El Ratón Pérez is a little cute mouse who brings money or presents to children in our homes in exchange for their teeth.

El Cuco or El coco

El Coco o el Coco

El Cuco is a known Latin American legend of a monster that parents tell their children and even sing in a lullaby.

This is a wondeful article by one of my favorite Hispanic bloggers Valerie Russo the owner of Literanista. She sent me this Latin American legend we all know, and many grew up hearing.

Tejano Music

Tejano Music

Tejano Music The story of Ivette Rioja who grew up under the influence of Tejano Music. She explains where it comes from and the Latin traditions tied to the Tejano culture.

Easter with Mexican Cascarones

Hispanic Culture and Rituals

Mexican cascarones Do you know the history behind Mexican cascarones? Reat it here and venture to elebrate Easter with Mexican cascarones: Eggs filled with confetti while keeping Hispanic traditions alive.

The Metamorfosis Documentation Project and Hispanic Rituals

Hispanic Culture and Rituals

Hispanic Culture and Rituals Hispanic culture and rituals are very rich. One of the most enticing and amazing portions of these traditions are the dances and ceremonies amongst the indigenous people. Here what Armando Espinosa is doing to capture the rich Latino rituals…