Celebrate Hispanic Month


7 Ideas to Celebrate Hispanic Month  With Your Family

Here are some simple yet effective ideas to celebrate Hispanic Month. This is a fun way to celebrate and the rewards will far outweigh your efforts.

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Tell your little ones your story or your family heritage. How you arrived here, when, and under which circumstances. Why you came here, and why it is so important not to forget your roots. Tell the story like a tale. My son loved listening to all the details, and seeing the pictures of when I came to the U.S. Make it amusing and interesting, they will never forget!


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Music is a strong part of any culture. Celebrate Hispanic Month by taking your family to concerts that play Latin music. Cumbia, Merengue, Bachata, Salsa, Latin Jazz, or Tango. There are many celebrations going on in parks and cultural centers. Make sure to check your local calendar for one to attend or simply play Latino music at home. The idea is to give them an NEW musical experience related to Hispanic culture.


I am Latino. The Beauty in Me. By Sandra L. Pinkney.

No Cinderella or typical Disney stories this month. Read many of the wonderful Hispanic heritage books available at your local library. Go find your Spanish or bilingual corner. Focus on books that talk about customs like Por Fin Es Carnaval by Arthur Dorros, Arroz con Frijoles by Pam Munoz Ryan, or La Zarigueya y El Gran Creador del Fuego, a Mexican legend adapted by Jan M. Mike.


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Celebrate Hispanic Month by preparing simple and typical Hispanic food like tostones with guacamole, fried plantains with yogurt from Cuba, or serve some tamales you can find in the frozen food section of your supermarket. If time is limited, simply take the family out to try a new dish you normally DON’T serve at home. Explain where it comes from. I took my family to eat Pupusas after a friend from Honduras gave me some. My family loved them.


Poster promoting one of the first celebrations of Cinco de Mayo.

Look for movies and dance performances you can take the children to. I save the theater for my hubby and I. In major metropolitan cities there is plenty of Latino theater like in New York City. I go to El Repertorio Español, particularly during Hispanic Month.


Kiva lets you lend to a specific entrepreneur, empowering them to lift themselves out of poverty. Celebrate Hispanic Month by helping your favorite Latino charity. Do your research. I like Kiva, because you can choose a Hispanic person to lend your money to. Another one I like is the NCLR. You can also volunteer your time. Find Latino organizations in your city to volunteer and improve the lives of Hispanics, so we all can succeed and share in the benefits.


Maya and Miguel the popular series on PBS.

Check the TV schedule for Hispanic Heritage Month TV programming. PBS with Maya and Miguel, Disney and celebrate Hispanic Month with Nick Jr. are good choices that have specific programs scheduled for Hispanic Month.

Why Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month?

Because it is a perfect opportunity to explore our culture more than any other time of year.

Celebrating connects you to your heritage that is part of your family now. It is fun, simple and easy to do. We just have to find the right activities; so stick to some of these suggestions and you will succeed.

Plan on doing at least one of them per weekend, and at the end you will be surprised to see how much Latino culture you introduced into your home.

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