Cenote Sagrado Or Sacred Well at Chichén Itzá

Cenote Chenkú At Chichen Itza

This sacred Mayan place also known as the Water Well of the Sacrifices or Cenote Chenkú, is a natural water hole that was the main source of fresh water for the Maya civilization that established its home place at Chichén itzá.

At this sacred well, the Mayas performed many sacrifices including human ones. Archeologists recovered bones and artifacts from this sacred well, that now a days, are one of the best examples of excellent manufacturing and artistic capabilities of the Maya people.

From the samples recovered from the Sacred Well at the Chichén itzá ruins archaeologists saw that many of the sacrificed people had violent marks that were perpetrated at the moment of death. Also in 93% of the sacrifices mentioned in the documents of Sotuta y Homún-Hocabá (areas in the region,) heart extraction and disposal of it in a cenote was very common.

Overall the Yucatan peninsula possesses many natural water holes throughout the region. You may visit any while traveling by simply following signs you can see on the road while driving. This region does not have any rivers therefore its main source of water for people of a particular region were these types of water wells.

Cenote Chenkú  At Chichén

Cenote Chenkú
At Chichén itzá

A cenote was considered of great importance and was the center of temples and rituals offered to the fertility and the rain gods.  Chichén itzá is the best example of the importance these water wells with an impressive temple close by the Sacred Well called “El Castillo” where religious celebrations took place.

Edward Thompson from The United States was the first successful explorer of the Sacred Well. He recovered many artifacts, textiles, human remains and pieces of jade, and precious shell that remain at the Peabody Museum, in Cambridge, MA. His explorations concluded in 1909.

When visiting Chichén itzá make sure you see the Sacred Well as it is impressive and filled with ancient Mayan history. Just imagine… all that happened there as a way to worship the gods…

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