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An Exceptional Story of Leadership and Determination

Name: Cesar Estrada Chavez.
Birth date: March 31, 1927.
Birthplace: Yuma, Arizona
Breakthrough: Runing a successful campaign to increase the benefits of farmers by calling the international community to boycott California table-grapes.

This Cesar Chavez biography shows a strong story of love for others and leadership that positioned him as the most famous Hispanic leader of all times.

Born from a family of migrant farmers, Cesar Chavez became famous for helping others. He learned early in life the true meaning of hard work, selflessness and strong faith in God. Because of his deep commitment in Christian faith, he had always advocated non-violent solutions.

Cesar Chavez biography has a striking similarity with that of Mahatma Gandhi’s. In how, both fought for the rights of the oppressed farmers.

As a young boy of 10, poverty pushed his family to loose their home in Yuma, Arizona after failing to pay taxes. It was then that his family decided to move to California. As soon as they arrived, the family made money by picking fruits and vegetables.

Cesar’s family would move from farm to farm where work was needed. Though work was long and hard, this famous Hispanic leader always had a positive outlook in life because of the love and care of his parents Librado and Juana.

Picture by SF Weekly Blogs

Picture by SF Weekly Blogs

He stayed at the U.S Navy for two years and served during World War II. When he returned home from the military service, he went back to farming and married Helen Fabela in 1948. They would eventually have 8 children and 31 grandchildren.

He joined the Community Service Organization (CSO) in 1952 where he finally had the opportunity to formally help others. Together with Fred Ross, they helped Mexican-Americans to register as voters. They also put up citizenship classes and ran errands whenever the organization needed help.


Cesar Chavez leading a supermarket protest to boycott grapes.
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Chavez gained fame when he became the national director of CSO during his 10 year stay in the organization. But he had to quit CSO in 1962 after his proposal to put up a farm workers union was rejected. It was then he made up his mind to create another organization to advance the cause of farmers.

Bringing with him his entire family, Chavez moved to Delano and started what it seemed to be an impossible dream. Slowly but methodically, the National Farm Workers Association (NFWA) was born.

In 1966, NFWA united with American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) to help in the plight of vineyard farmers of Delano. The chain of events that followed made every Cesar Chavez biography more inspiring.

To compel farm owners to agree with the request of the farmers, the famous Hispanic leader called the international community to boycott California table-grapes. The long wait for victory was tedious. Chavez even went on a 25-day hunger strike to stop the growing desire of some union members to use violence.

Success finally came in July 29, 1970 when most of the growers settled with the demands of the farmers. In 1972, California vegetable pickers benefited from the same boycott strategy against the lettuce growers.

Due to a dispute with another labor group in 1973, the membership on Chavez- led union slowly diminished in the following years. But Chavez was once again fighting for the cause of farmers in 1984 after farm growers refused to lessen the use of pesticides.

Until the day he died in April 23, 1993, Cesar Chavez never stopped helping workers to gain the dignity and respect they deserved. Because of this, he received a posthumous Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1994.

He may be gone but his cause lives on. His ideals are remembered every time his birthday comes in March 31, as it is aptly celebrated as Cesar Chavez Day.

Cesar Chavez Poster and Prints

I know how inspiring a role model like Cesar Chavez can be. Once you read his biography and accomplishments you may very well have the burning desire of leading in such a fabulous way like he once did.

The popularity of Cesar Chavez posters show his influence as an inspiring leader and a role model many Hispanic Americans or anybody can dream of becoming.

These photos are a true testament to his work. They show him participating in protests, inspiring others and working for the benefit of many. Let that be his legacy, one that many can aspire to emulate!

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