Chicken Tamale Recipe

How to Make a Tasty and Easy Green Salsa Chicken Tamale Recipe

Hola, I am Sandra Vasquez your tamale ambassador trying to spread the word on Tamales. I am sharing today the best quick and easy Green Verde Salsa Chicken Tamale recipe.

Make these tamales for dinner and your guests and family surely will be delighted. The salsa verde is made from tomatillos, onions and cilantro. Tomatillos have a unique tangy citrus lime flavor and combined with chicken and rolled up in tamale dough you will please all tamale lovers.

How to Make Green Salsa Chicken Tamales

Tamale Filling

  • 3 chicken breasts cooked and shredded. Save stock for masa
  • 2-7 oz. cans of green verde salsa
  • 1 or 2 serrano peppers seeded and chopped
  • 1-cup mozzarella cheese
  • Prepare your filling by mixing all the ingredients together. Next, you will prepare the tamale dough.


Tamale Masa Recipe Makes 4 Dozen

  • 4-cups of masa harina
  • 4-cups of chicken broth or water or combination
  • 1-tbsp of salt
  • 1-tbsp of garlic powder
  • 1-cup of oil
  • 1-tbsp of baking powder

Place the broth in a large bowl, add masa harina and mix using a mixer. Next, mix the ingredients together in a bowl until dissolved: oil, garlic and salt. Add this mix to the masa and mix using a mixer on high for 2 minutes. Add baking powder and mix on high speed for 5 minutes. Let the masa rest for 15 minutes. Then spread the masa using the Mas Tamales Masa Spreader

Filling and Cooking

Place 1 tablespoon of the chicken filling on top of a husk or plantain leaf lengthwise, then fold husk over filling, find the tip of husk and roll it over. You can do the baby tuck, click here to watch the video.

Fill your tamale steamer with water just below the rack and place the tamales with the open end up and cover them with some cornhusks or paper towels. Steam cook them for one hour and fifteen minutes.

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