Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas

It is time to enjoy a Mexican fiesta, and here are my Cinco de Mayo party ideas. First start thinking about invitations, main colors of the party, music, Mexican decor touches and food to tie the entire party.

1. Invitations: You can e-vite your friends, use email, buy invitations at the store or make them, but please make sure they have typical symbols of Mexico. Use maracas, Mexican sombreros, donkeys with ponchos or sarapes, etc. to attract attention. When I buy the invitations I use them as a guide to set the colors of the party.

I love to send invitations by mail. I make them myself when I can by simply printing a Mexican hat that I cut and glue on orange, purple or yellow blank cards to go with the blurb on the front: “Celebremos Cinco de Mayo en mi casa con margaritas, guacamole y enchiladas!!!” In the inside I give all the necessary information.

2. Color: Use a bright color scheme.

  • My favorite colors for a Mexican fiesta are yellow, red, green, and purple. Don’t be afraid of using these bold colors throughout the house.
  • Use yellow table cloths with red runners. Use zarapes.
  • Create a “fiesta ambiance” with red, yellow and green candles.
  • If you are using disposable plates buy the colorful ones in accordance to the color scheme. Mix and match! and that includes napkins.

3. Music: Mariachi songs and some “rancheras” are the norm. You don’t need to over do it, I play some “Mariachi” songs while proposing a toast to friendship.

Some of the most popular rancheras are “Pero Sigo Siendo El Rey,” or simply play music of Alejandro Fernandez, and Vicente Fernandez that you can mix with your own music in your cd changer. If money is not a problem then hire a Mariachi band to serenade your guests for half an hour.

4. Food: No Cinco de Mayo party is complete without serving guacamole and margaritas. If you want to get a bit fancier make this Cinco de Mayo recipe for chicken/beef/pork enchilada casserole. Every time I prepare this casserole my family loves it.

If you don’t have time to make any of these Cinco de Mayo recipes, you can use margaritas and guacamole to mix with pre-made h’orderves like mini flautas or taquitos, that big stores like Costco or BJ’s sell in the frozen food section. Serve Coronas with lime wedges, Mexican wine and micheladas.

You can also serve buffet style -assembly station- which has worked wonders for me. You simply have a big batch of warm tortillas that people can essemble with beans, mashed avocado, chopped tomatoes, red onions with peppers, cilantro, sour cream, refried canned beans, and sour cream. Your guests pass along the table and serve themselves while chatting to each other.

I hope you can use these Cinco de Mayo party ideas. They have worked for me and require little effort. You too can enjoy a real Mexican holiday… y que viva Mexico!

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