Daisy Fuentes Biography

Daisy Fuentes didn’t enter my life until I came to the U.S. For those of us who loved MTV in the 1990s, Daisy Fuentes is a familiar face, and I arrived here in 1996. I remember that after knowing about her I was mesmerized by her beauty, yet I thought she didn’t look very Latina. I guess I was running a stereotypical figure of us in my mind.

This beautiful Cuban-American television hostess and model has many achievements under her belt that we can look up to as part of the Hispanic community. Daisy definitely knows how to work her Latina roots!

Early Life

Daisy Fuentes’ biography begins in 1966, when her Cuban father and Spanish mother welcomed her into the world in Havana, Cuba.   


Rough times ahead for this Cubanita because the 60s were a tumultuous time in Cuba to say the least, and by the time little Daisy turned three the Fuentes family relocated to Madrid, Spain.

While living in Spain, Fuentes taught herself English by watching old episodes of I Love Lucy. This skill came in handy, as the family soon moved once again, this time to Harrison, New Jersey.

She proudly sees herself as a real Jersey girl who embraced the toughness of growing up in Jersey, including the cursing.

Her high school class voted her homecoming queen and “best looking” during her senior year in 1984, and Daisy also began modeling during this time.   

She studied cosmetology and communications in school, and soon a New York Telemundo affiliate hired her as their weather girl, officially launching her career in entertainment.

Career Highlights in Daisy Fuentes’ Biography

In 1988 Daisy became the host of MTV International, an accomplishment that definitely served as an important highlight in her career. This paved the way for her to join the mainstream MTV crew in 1993.

Thanks to the exposure and fame she achieved on MTV, Daisy Fuentes went on to appear in several TV shows, as both an actress and as a hostess. She even had her own talk show, called “Daisy,” from 1994-1995. Hosting America’s Funniest Home Videos from 1998-1999 made even more Americans fall in love with Daisy Fuentes.

Daisy’s modeling career included appearances on national TV in ads for Revlon, Pantene, American Express, M&Ms, and other well-known brands.

Today Daisy focuses less on appearing on TV and more on her other projects, which include a clothing line, an all-natural hair care line, and an eye-wear line designed especially for Latinas.

She is apparently a savvy business woman and experts estimate that Fuentes sells more than $300 million worth of products each year through her partnership with Kohl’s department stores.

Working Her Latina Roots

Daisy Fuentes’ biography features many important landmark achievements for Latinas and also shows a clear commitment to supporting Hispanic organizations and events. For example:

  • ·        In 1993 Daisy became the first Latina VJ ever on MTV
  • ·        The 3-page cover of People en Español’s 50 most beautiful women issue featured Fuentes in 1995
  • ·        Daisy hosted the 1998 ALMA Award and the 1999 Billboard Latin Awards
  • ·        Fuentes serves as the celebrity chairman for the annual St. Jude Angeles & Stars gala in Miami
  • ·        Daisy currently appears as a co-presenter on La Voz Kids on Telemundo.

Daisy honestly recognizes her great abilities as a totally bilingual woman who speaks English and Spanish equally well.  That is something you don’t see very day because bilinguals give preference to one language in most cases. 

This Jersey girl who claims money has never been her driving force, according to hudsonmod.com, confessed becoming wealthy was a totally organic process that took time.  She gives value to wealth because it allows her to do things with her family without worrying about anything else but creating memories that last forever.

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