Dia del Amor y la Amistad

Valentine’s Day Latino Style

El Dia del amor y la Amistad, el Dia de San Valentin or el Dia de los Enamorados is the equivalent to Valentine’s day around the world. Latino culture is famous for being expressive, pechichones, cariñosos, melcochudos, etc., therefore many Latin people love to celebrate this day.

How Hispanic Countries Celebrate Valentine’s

Throughout Spanish speaking countries many street corners offer flowers, boutiques decorate their windows with chubby cupids, home stores offer special glassware for the occasion, and lingerie takes center stage. We, Latin women, are famous for adorning ourselves and wanting to lucir or look our best on special occasions like this day.

Speaking to some Latinos who are first generation in the U.S., I found that back in their country some did not celebrate this holiday as much as they do so here in the U.S. This is how some friends told me they celebrate.

Mexicans celebrate and love this holiday. Restaurants are crowded, flowers are a must, and gifts are a great symbol of love. Did you know Mayans are the creators of chocolate? This is a precious gift from America to the world!

For Venezuelans and Colombians this is a big holiday. Colombia is also the number one exporter of flowers on this day, even though we celebrate el Dia del Amor y la Amistad on September 17, celebrating on February 14 is becoming more common.

Chileans, Argentineans, Bolivians and Ecuatorians celebrate on February 14 El Dia de los Enamorados, and in Ecuador like in Colombia, men still serenade woman. It is a beautiful tradition!


In Puerto Rico is called El Dia de San Valentin and young people enjoy giving chocolates, stuffed animals and note exchanging the most. The celebration starts by honoring St. Valentin who is the patron of love. There are many public parties and family gatherings to celebrate the day.

Overall nothing says it more clearly than flowers, especially when you surprise your especial one with native roses, orquids, and lilies. Another important tip is to surprise your loved Latina at work by sending her flowers and showing her in front of many people that you love her. We are pretty sensitive and passionate women.

What Latinas Really Love for Valentines

We latinas love romance, surprises and we are famous for enjoying pampering. We like to look nice and we are delighted with special treats only for us.

Want to be a super hero? Just give us a piece of handcrafted artisan jewelry that represents our heritage and it is unique. Check the Hancrafted Jewelry Section here.

Most Latina enjoy adorning ourselves. We are vey comfortable in skin and

What am I talking about? Look at Latinas, we take care of our hair very well, we love to show our voluptuos body, enhance our curves and smell delicious!

We enjoy music a lot, adore flowers, and value time and attention devoted to us. No, I know what you are thinking…That is not every woman. Skin, hair and nails are very important for us…This is not the case for every woman in every culture.

Perfumes, chocolate flowers, roses, clothing, spa gifts and artisan jewelry are very well received. A romantic night out, not having to cook is a must!

What to Give a Latino or Latina for Valentines

alpaca-blanketLatin Decor
for Home


Latin Handcrafted Jewelry for Her

mens-leather-braceletMens Leather Bracelets

In a nutshell, we love gifts…And who doesn’t. Our sensitive nature enjoys fragrances that awaken our senses. We also like to look lovely and pay attention to our clothes, looks and accessories. We enjoy being pretty for our loved one.

True Latin Culture Traditions for Valentine’s

  • Serenading is when a man sings or hires a group of musicians to sing love songs to the loved one at night when she is already asleep.
  • Playing amigo secreto or secret friend is when all names of the players go inside a bag and each person blindly chooses one to give to. We play this game at schools.
  • Giving native orchids to your loved one is a tradition in Colombia and Peru. For many these flowers are more significant and beautiful than roses.
  • Public parties, dances and events are common throughout Latin and Central America, even in small towns where we hold them at the plaza. Music, famous bands, games and raffles are part of the occasion.
  • Dedicating songs and poems to friends and loved ones on the radio is also a tradition. We have wonderful music genres like tango, bolero, guasca, and other that pretty much help us express our feelings.
  • For sure giving chocolates is well appreacited, more so knowing that enjoying chocolate is an ancient tradition in Latin America. Here is a delicious selection of chocolates that have a special touch to express the love to this Latino or latina in your life.

No matter how you celebrate, make sure you tell the important people in your life “I love you.” and there are many ways to say it. These Bloomsberry Chocolates come with great messages for that special Latina or Latino in your life. I love the funky messages and the colorful packages…Very unique!


  1. Thanks a ton for this article. I am a Spanish teacher and have lived in Spain but I unfortunately have not yet had the opportunity to travel to Latin America. This article was very insightful!

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