El Día de los Muertos

All Day of the Dead Info You Need to Know

El Día de los Muertos is an important holiday in Mexico and the U.S. amongst Mexican-Americans because of its significance…We remember our defunct loved ones.

There is a tendency in the last decade to celebrate this holiday amongst Hispanics, and sometimes in schools because this celebration is a window to Hispanic culture.

I celebrate with my family at the Museo del Barrio in Manhattan where we can participate in many activities that explain the traditions and help us keep in touch with our Hispanic heritage.

This page is a mini hub for the most important topics about Day of the Dead so you can keep it as a reference to learn about its history, how to make your altar, bake pan de muerto, see pictures of the holiday, and get inspired about Day of the Dead projects.

El Día de Los Angelitos in Mexico

El Día de los AngelitosAt midnight on October 31, the souls of the departed begin making their way back to their families for a visit. The first souls to arrive are the little children, called Los Angelitos or Los Inocentes.

Day of the Dead History

day-of-the-dead-historyDay of the Dead History is rich and exciting. It all started with the Aztecs thousands of years ago. The Lady of the Dead presided the ceremony that also included honoring the God of war.

Day of the Dead Bread

day-of-the-dead-breadA bread in the shape of a skull? Yes, and it is nothing scary for Mexican-Americans and Hispanics who celebrate Day of the Dead. El Pan the Muerto, how we call it, is an ancient tradition that we share at the table with our family.

Day of the Dead Altar

This is a creation every family makes to honor the dead. Mexicans think about the loved ones who departed and make an altar that reflects their interests, ideas, foods they loved, and music. Here I show you how to make your altar.

Day of the Dead in Mexico

A general idea about this Mexican Day of the Day celebration. Read to find out history, traditions, foods and characteristics of El Dia de los Muertos. Enjoy the images of this unique Mexican celebration.

Mexican Sugar Skulls

day-of-the-dead-skulls-3Mexican sugar skulls are a must to celebrate Day of the Dead. Learn the meaning of sugar skulls and purchase the best sugar skull molds after reading my tips on how to choose the right ones.


Day of the Dead Skulls

day-of-the-dead-skulls-2Wanting to make your Day of the Dead skull? Here you can find a simple instructions for making sugar skulls and the history behind this nifty tradition.


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