Enrique Iglesias Biography

Sometimes called the King of Latin Pop and the King of Dance, Enrique Iglesias claims an important and highly coveted place in the international music scene.

Not surprisingly many Enrique Iglesias biographies show a versatile, charismatic, and supremely talented singer-songwriter, who is one of the best-selling Spanish language singers of all time and has earned over 70 number one rankings across the Billboard Music charts.

His success? His English and Spanish crossover music has appeal for people of all walks of life all over the world.

Early Years

Born in Madrid, Spain, Enrique Iglesias had somewhat of an unusual childhood. Basque terrorists from the north of Spain kidnapped his grandfather in 1986, and after this event Enrique Iglesias and his brother went to live with their father in Miami.

Their father, Julio Iglesias, traveled extensively for his own music career and seldom spent much time at home. Enrique’s nanny essentially raised him, and he actually dedicated his first album to her.

Shortly after beginning college, Enrique borrowed money from his nanny to put together a demo tape with one Spanish song and two English songs. Posing as an unknown Guatemalan singer named Enrique Martinez so that his music would speak louder than his famous last name, he quickly got a record deal for his debut album.

The album hit shelves in 1995, went gold in Portugal almost immediately, and eventually sold over 6 million copies.  From there Enrique Iglesias’ career really began to soar and most people agree that his fame quickly eclipsed that of his father.

Though Julio Iglesias has publicly expressed his pride in his son’s achievements, the relationship between Enrique Iglesias and Julio Iglesias seems strained at best. Several of Enrique’s songs including “Quizás” and “Be Yourself” deal with this topic.

Best Enrique Iglesias Songs

Considering that Enrique Iglesias holds the record for most number one Spanish language singles, picking out the best Enrique Iglesias songs poses quite a challenge. A true fan would say every song is the best one.


Altogether Enrique has put out 10 studio albums, each one of which has a hit single or two. Some of the most popular tunes include:
• Bailamos
• Rhythm Divine
• Be With You
• Hero
• Escape
• Don’t Turn Off the Lights
• Do You Know (The Ping Pong Song)
• I Like It

Experiencing Enrique Iglesias in Concert

Ever since his second album way back in 1997, Enrique Iglesias has been performing in front of sold out stadium venues around the world.

Many of Enriques’ concerts have been televised, but that experience can’t compare to attending Enrique Iglesias concerts in person. The energy will amaze you, and so will the star’s kindness.

Enrique Iglesias is known for hugging and kissing fans onstage—who knows, if you go to a concert you just might have a chance at being one of these lucky fans!

My advice is to make sure you study up on your Enrique Iglesias lyrics before you go so you can sing along to all your favorite songs, the energy feels so much higher

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