Frida Khalo Biography And Artwork

Name: Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderón.
Birth date: July 6, 1907. Died in 1954.
Birthplace: Coyoacán, Mexico.
Breakthrough: When after her accident she started to find refuge in painting, becoming passionate about it.

When I read my first Fida Khalo biography I realized there was nothing in the world that could had stop such a determined soul.

Her life was not an uneventful one, instead it was marked with changes and strong events that shaped her into who she was.

Frida Khalo portrayed by Salma Hayek

Frida Khalo portrayed by Salma Hayek

She was born in Coyoacán, Mexico where she lived most of her life. Living in a home called the Blue House, everybody knows her for making self portraits.  Her early years in her life were pretty peaceful until the Mexican Revolution began in 1910.

When she was six, Frida contracted polio leaving her with a right leg thinner than her left. She cleverly wore long and colorful skirts to hide it from any prying eyes. Later on, her common attire was the typical dress the native women of the Tijuana region of Mexico wore just because her husband, Diego Rivera, loved it.

When you read any Frida Kahlo biography, you learn that Frida suffered from many other health problems. Most of the physical pain she feels is a product of her multiple serious injuries from a collision accident on September 1925.

I found interesting how Frida would say that her birthday was on July 7, 1910 so that it would coincide with the Mexican Revolution.

Even with the chronic pain she endured after recovering from the serious injuries, she still contributed a great deal to Hispanic culture through her paintings.

In another Frida Khalo biography I learned a surprising detail: her passion was medicine! Unfortunately the accident steered her into a different path in life where studying medicine was no longer the goal.

After recovering from injuries like a broken spinal cord, broken pelvis, multiple fractures on her right leg and so on, pain became Frida’s constant companion.  In order to cope with the pain, she is immobilized and at this time, she made her paintings. For Frida painting was her life and escape in many cases.

Her mother, Matilde Calderón y González had a special easel made to make it possible for her to paint in bed. Her father lent her brushes and oil paints.  Khalo admired Diego Rivera’s work. She had been seeing him paint at the Escuela Nacional Preparatoria where she was attending. Later on, she knew he was painting a mural at the Ministry of Education in Mexico city and she went and asked him his opinion about her work.

Diego Rivera told her she had talent after seeing a painting he asked her to paint. Frida and Diego wed on August 21, 1929. After their marriage, Diego encouraged her to paint in the “Mexican popular Style.”

To know this wonderful artist it is probably not enough to read this Frida Khalo biography. Try to see many of her paintings that are sold as Frida Kahlo prints today or see her story in the Frida Kahlo film where Salma Hayek portrays her.

In the Frida Kahlo biography film, her paintings and work of art are not the main focus. So if you want to have a glimpse of her paintings, you can view them in many different museums like the Louvre.

Frida Artwork and Prints

If seeing the works of art is not enough for you, you can always have her paintings displayed in your home in the form of prints. Although they are just copies, you can still get the satisfaction of having something, more rightly, the portrait of someone beautiful, inspiring and breathtaking hanging on your wall.

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