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The Story of a Famous Hispanic Comedian

Name: George C. López.
Birth date: March 23, 1961.
Birthplace: Mission Hills, CA.
Breakthrough: ABC Comedy “George Lopez” in 2002.

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If you want to laugh till you cry, then you have to see George López perform. Amongst Hispanics, like in the U.S., we have a saying: “Si la vida te da limones, haz limonada” which means if life gives you lemons make lemonade.

That is exactly what this hilarious famous Hispanic comedian did. He took his difficult childhood and made the most of it by turning it into comedy.

The George López biography tells the story of a sad upbringing. Both parents abandoned him, his father when he was 2 years old and his mother when he was 10 to start a new life with her new husband.

His “abuelos,” a factory worker, grandma and a construction worker step-grandfather raised him. George Lopez’s comedy shows how little attention he received as a child and how difficult it was growing up in a Mexican-American community in Los Angeles.

He once said to Mireya Navarro in the New York Times “It’s a form of abuse to not feel important,” and honestly…who hasn’t had a birthday party or found a picture of oneself as a baby? These are some of the memories he has. Until today he has limited contact with his mother and his grand mother.

How López Started

His inspiration came from Freddie Prinze in the TV show Chico and the Man. But he didn’t dive immediately into comedy. He even thought about making a career in information technology.

In the mid 80s, he decided to become a full time comic by doing regular standup comedy shows, he also started to pick up small roles in films. In 2000 he hosted his own radio show on the English-language radio station MEGA 92.3 F.M. in Los Angeles.

In 2002 he landed “The George López Show” where he was the co-creator, writer, producer and star. It all happened after Sandra Bullock approached him to star in a Hispanic-based TV series she was going to produce.

This George Lopez biography is filled with accomplishments, his career includes stand-up comedy shows which are generally sold out, a Grammy nomination for his comedy album Team Leader, a best-selling author for his autobiography Why You Crying, many roles in movies and a successful ABC Show George Lopez.

The show ended in 2007 and its success was based on Lopez cleverly personalizing a version of himself and his family, mixing all the idiosyncrasies and characteristics of Hispanic culture.

In 2009 George López enters the late night shows arena by hosting a new one hour long talk show on TBS that “would include celebrity guests and musical and comedy performances” according to the New York Times.

The show is called “López Tonight” and it had a short life.  In the one-hour show he brought celebrities and mixed the content of the show with some stand up comedy based on what is happening in the news.  On August 10, 2011, TBS announced Lopez Tonight would be cancelled, the next day the last episode aired.

George López Family Life and Health

Many relationship stories in the George López biography appear to be tinted with sorrow, but not all is hardships for this famous Hispanic comedian. In 1993 he married Ann, who later in 2005 would become the kidney donor after George had struggled with a genetic condition that deteriorated his kidney.

George and Ann are still together and have a daughter named Mayan.

George López Tickets

Today López continues to be one of the most influential Hispanics in the U.S. attracting huge audiences through his HBO shows and regular performances. George Lopez comedy is characterized by honesty and strong humor, which really carries pure sabor Latino.

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