Gifts for First Communion

Gifts for First Communion amongst Hispanics are very similar to the gifts Roman Catholics overall give to their children this memorable day.

In this process, we also learn to expand our prayers and get more acquainted with the Holy Rosary. Praying the Rosary every Friday at school during the month of May was a tradition for me. Yes, I attended a Catholic school that also prepared me very well about learning the Catholic faith.

I can say that the gifts for first communion play an important role in introducing us to the holy sacrament of confession, longer prayers, and maturing in our faith.

Many people ask me what are the best first communion gift ideas you know of? And I have to say, in this case it is probably best not to be really innovative.

When thinking of a first communion gift idea is it important to remember the reason for celebrating the Holy First Communion. My advise? Stick to Rosary beads, crosses, first communion jewelry, bibles, first communion dresses, and one of my favorite gifts… a memory book where the child can write her memories of the day with pictures that are dear to her heart.

First Communion Pendants and Crosses

To this day I have my small silver pendant my parents gave me the day of my First Communion. For me it is a delicate piece that represents a big transition in my life. At the age of our first communion we become more responsible in our faith.

My parents are not with me here, therefore this pendant reminds me of them and my first communion every time I wear it. It also reminds me that where there is faith there is always an opportunity for our strongest desires to become true.

In Hispanic culture we give First Communion cross pendants to boys anf girls. It is an essential piece that we carry with us and many pass down to their children.

First Communion Rosary Beads

The Rosary is one of the best and most taught methods of connecting with God through prayer. Using the Rosary is a wonderful way to keep track of the mysteries and the Hail Maries we must pray to complete the Rosary prayer.

The beauty of praying the Rosary is that it engages our minds, touch, ears (repetition at unison), and souls with a purpose. When we pray we do it for a reason. It has a purpose that connects us to a higher power.

The Rosary certainly helped me be aquainted with longer prayer. It marked a point of transition in my life where I was able to participate more maturely in the Catholic faith.

I received my first Rosary beads for First Communion a week before my special day. My parents gave them to me in a delicate package that contained my very own first bible (small enough to carry with me,) a silver First Communion cross pendant that I wore and looked beautiful against my while dress, white gloves, and a white cross to hang on my wall close to my bed.

First Communion Bibles

The best ones are light and many parents engrave them with the child’s name. Some First Communion bibles come with special prayers and some are more guided to children. It all depends on what you want for your child.

Keep in mind many children may not be reading and understanding full text at the age they do their First Communion.

I can tell you that while I was growing up, praying every Friday and attending mass almost every day was a bit painful. But now as an adult, I can reflect back on the positive side of these traditions and Hispanic faith.

What it brought in my life was the ability to connect to a higher power and the understanding of the importance of being at peace, regardless of the path you choose. It all was reinforced with the gifts for First Communion.

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