Men’s Sterling Silver Jewelry by Latino Artisans

Did you know that from the time they are born, many Latino men are immersed in a cultural tradition of wearing jewelry?

Most Anglos know that baby girls in Latino families receive a pair of earrings soon after birth, as a symbol of the fact that they are beloved. But what about the baby boys? Their special jewelery is less obvious to a stranger, because it is usually hidden beneath their clothes.

Baby boys might have an ID bracelet with their birth date engraved on it or a small cross or saint’s medal on a chain. And that is fairly common. When Latino boys start out wearing jewelery so young, it’s only natural to continue the tradition as they grow up.

What is interesting is that now-a-days more and more Americans are open to wearing jewelry without losing an ounce of masculinity and Men’s sterling silver jewelery is one way to do this. Style, status and religion are just a few ways that men’s sterling silver jewelry goes hand in hand with Hispanic culture.

Sterling Silver Rings for Men


First and foremost for many Hispanics, jewelry is about looking good. Since silver bracelets for men come in so many different styles, from elegant silver links to more casual silver and leather designs, you can find something to represent any man’s style.

Silver also has the advantage of being a very durable metal. Unlike gold, which will get scratched and dented easily, silver can stand up to the demands of a man’s life and allow him to work hard without sacrificing style.

Several of my cousins who have cattle ranches in the Atlantic coast of Colombia wear silver bracelets with leather. Is a great look that enhances their personal style.

The beauty in Hispanic sterling silver chain necklaces resides in the pendants and the way the artisans weave the chain itself. The bracelets are pieces of art that mix materials like leather.Check this page for a great selection of men’s leather bracelets made in Latin America.


The idea of wearing your wealth as jewelry exists in many cultures. Pre-Columbian people and Spanish colonists alike used gold, silver, and precious stones to create adornments that displayed their wealth and power to everyone who saw them.

Today, rings are probably the type of jewelry most often used as a status symbol for men. Some silver rings for men are intricate enough to serve this purpose, especially if they also have precious or semi precious stones.


Most Hispanics are Catholic and enjoy displaying their faith through their jewelry. Silver necklaces for men can feature bold crosses or protective saint’s medals.

Another very traditional piece of sterling silver jewelry for men is wearing the escapulario of the favorite virgin on the wrist or neck.

Heirlooms and Sterling Silver Jewelry for Men

Traditionally, Latino families like to pass down pieces of jewelry from one generation to another. This way the jewelry is not just beautiful, but serves as a remembrance of a beloved great grandparent or other relative.

One tip to keep in mind when you are picking out men’s sterling silver jewelry is to be sure to choose a high quality piece that many generations can enjoy.