Hispanic Handcrafted Silver Necklaces

In today’s world, it often seems like craftsmanship is dying out. Factories are mass producing just about everything, and their products are inexpensive and easily accessible. However, when it comes to jewelry, the mass produced version just doesn’t satisfy. It is missing the uniqueness, the integrity, and the artistic design of handmade jewelry. Fortunately, communities like Taxco, Mexico are keeping the jewelry making tradition alive by creating handcrafted silver necklaces, rings, bracelets, and more.

Handcrafted Silver Necklaces From Peru – Latin Tradition

You can also feel good knowing that your purchase is supporting local craftspeople and enabling the tradition of handmade silver jewelry to continue. Many of the themes that the artists use come from their cultural heritage. For example, some necklaces might have pendants with Mayan or Aztec inspired symbols on them, like the snake (transformation), the jaguar (strength) or the eagle (focus).

The sun, moon, leaves, and flowers are prevalent in Latin jewelry and can represent a connection to the earth.  Some handcrafted silver necklaces are more abstract, using links or plates decorated with swirls, circles, dots, lines, and geometric designs.

Silver necklaces can also remind you of the Hispanic tradition of wearing jewelry for protection or luck. In Spain, people hid a special silver charmin their children’s clothing or toys to ward off the evil eye. In Latin America, many indigenous people created special pieces of jewelry representing animal totems or other symbols believed to have protective power.

Wearing silver cross necklaces or saints medals is probably the most common modern manifestation of this idea of jewelry as a symbol of protection. Interested in other jewelery work of Latino artisans? Check in silver pendants, handmade Latin bracelets made of silver or handmade silver earrings to treat yourself to one of these works of art.

Hispanic Handcrafted Silver Necklaces Part of Your Heritage

Another way of using jewelry to feel close to your roots is through antique silver necklaces. I love antique jewelry because of the history it possesses.

Some of the best pieces I enjoy come from older family members who bought these silver necklaces in Colombia. These pieces display a unique work that gives away immediately their antiquity, like a pair of earrings shaped like a basket that contained inside emeralds in the rough.

It is also beautiful to see necklaces with antique silver crosses; you just know that generations of people have put their trust and faith in that cross and filled it with their memories.

Antique silver necklaces are also quite valuable and collectible. For example, Taxco necklaces from the 1930s are highly sought after because they were made during the renaissance of silversmithing in Taxco. Acquiring one of these necklaces, gives you not only a beautiful piece of jewelry, but also a piece of history.

One last reason that you should buy handcrafted silver necklaces from Taxco is that they are less likely to tarnish. Now-a-days very difficult to obtain.

Pure silver does not tarnish; it is the metals that artisan add to strengthen the silver and make it suitable for jewelry that are prone to tarnishing. Because Taxco silver is exceptionally pure, it will stay shinier longer.

You should still take care to save your silver jewelry from unnecessary stress like exposure to chemicals from hairspray, makeup, and swimming pools.

Keep your handcrafted silver safe in a sealed plastic pouch whenever you’re not wearing it, and it will look beautiful for years to come.