Hispanic Quartz Rings

Quartz is a beautiful, abundant, and relatively inexpensive gemstone in South America. Wouldn’t you much rather have fashion jewelry made from real, natural quartz than from man-made glass?

Why Wear Quartz Rings

The most fascinating detail about quartz is that when you wear quartz rings or pendants, you are carrying a little piece of history with you.

Not only does quartz jewelry reflect the history of the earth and the incredible powers that formed these gems deep within it but also also reflects the cultural and spiritual history of many Latin American peoples.

By know you know about my passion about Hispanic culture therefore, I would like to show you how quartz is a gemstone tied to our heritage.

  • Since pre-colonial times, cultures such as the Maya have revered this stone and infused it with many mystical properties.
  • Many indigenous tribes in Mesoamerica used many colors of quartz, most notably rose quartz in their healing ceremonies.
  • The two most compelling reasons to use quartz today is becuase of its beauty and healing power.
  • Clear quartz crystals energize anyone who touches them, and they also amplify the power and effect of other nearby stones.

Because of the several properties of quartz we consider it a sort of multi-purpose healing stone.

Gold and quartz rings are especially popular, because they make it convenient to always have a piece of quartz close at hand, to channel positive thoughts, amplify prayers, and help us with spiritual pursuits.

Our Latino artisans not only make rose quartz rings, they make other incredible handmade pieces like rose quartz pendants and rose quartz earrings. They both complement beautifully the rings.

Another popular stone very tied to tradition in Latin America is jade. Here you can choose and learn about handmade jade earrings and jade pendants and their properties along their meaning in Hispanic culture.

How to Choose the Best Quartz Rings

When it comes to colored quartz, many varieties are quite beautiful as well as useful. So here is my advise, go according to what you want the quartz to do for you and the looks.

Keep in mind that each quartz has a property that you can tap into. Read more about the different types of quartz so you can take full advantage ot the piece you choose. For example, I didn’t know popular gemstones we know as citrine and amethyst are actually forms of quartz.

Amethyst aids mental powers, replacing confusion and stress with clarity and calm.  Citrine promotes good communication. It also cures many ailments associated with food and digestion.  Citrine and amethyst are quite common in commercial jewelry, so you can get rings, pendants, bracelets, and earrings with these stones quite easily.

Other popular quartzes for jewelry as well as for healing are rose quartz and smoky quartz. These quartzes aren’t always offered at your local jewelry store, but that doesn’t make rose quartz pendants and earrings or smoky quartz rings any less desirable.

Smoky quartz is a dark stone, ranging from light gray to deep brown or black. This type of quartz helps transform anger and resentment into positive emotion. It’s almost as if this dark stone simply absorbs everything negative, leaving the wearer cleansed, calm, and grounded.

Pretty, pink rose quartz is a favorite with women because it is believed to cure female troubles, prevent wrinkles, promote fertility, and make childbirth easier.  This magnificent stone is the “Stone of Universal Love.” It can open the heart chakra, soothing emotional wounds and increase the amount of kindness and love we experience and express in daily life.

Even if you’re unsure of the effectiveness of healing crystals, quartz rings can still make great gifts.

When giving a friend or loved one a quartz, make the gift special by hand writing or letting the person know about the particular quality of the quartz. I love to do this because it shows that you wish them all the good things that the stone symbolizes.

Sometimes it’s the thought that matters most! Just knowing that a friend wishes more joy and peace to come into their life can help a person begin to heal, with or without the help of the crystal’s powers.