Handmade Latin Silver Bracelets

Latinos have style. It’s as simple as that. Their style is very different from that of other cultures, yet it is very unique. Hispanics love to wear bracelets, pendants and crosses for decorating themselves in general.

Silver Bracelets From Mexico:  Part of Hispanic Culture

Latinos tend to buy jewelry to commemorate major life events and milestones, like births, graduations, quinceañera parties, and other celebrations. That is when it becomes part of our traditions. Among Latin jewelry, bracelets in particular are special gifts for baptisms, quinceañeras and mother’s day.

When giving a bracelet to a new born Hispanics include a charm. When it is for adults unique designs based on our indigenous and nature graphic images are the choice. You can see these designs reflected on the bracelets here. In some Latin American countries like Bolivia, Ecuador and Mexico, jewelry is a status symbol, just like it was for their ancestors in ancient times. Silver is a very important material for Hispanic jewelry.

In Pre-Colombian times, gold was the preferred material, but the Spanish looted most of the gold and sent it back to Europe. Silver is still readily available. Plus, it is more durable than gold. Many countries have strong traditions of making silver jewelry, but experts consider the craftsmen in Taxco,

Mexico among the world’s finest silversmiths. There are also modern influences, like Catholic symbols and contemporary design trends. The cross is a very popular motif in Latino jewelry. Even people who do not necessarily believe will wear it. Saints medals like the Saint Jude Medallion and other protective charms are also common.

Whether you want trendy or traditional, you can find something to suit your tastes among these Latin bracelets. Go bold with chunky bracelets and cuffs, or choose something more delicate.

Flaunt your heritage with a symbol-patterned bracelet, or go for a smooth shiny finish.
Did you know Mexican silver is particularly suited for smooth finishes? This is because the high silver content makes it especially lustrous.

Did you know Mexican silver is particularly suited for smooth finishes? This is because the high silver content makes it especially lustrous.

Whatever your style, the wide variety of Hispanic jewelry can accommodate you and help you celebrate your heritage.

For designs, Latino jewelry can draw from all the unique motifs and symbols found in the various Pre-Colombian cultures of Latin America, such as Mayans and Aztecs. These symbols include the jaguar (strength), the eagle (focus), the snake (transformation), and the moon (birth and regeneration).

Many of today’s Hispanic jewelry designs are inspired by nature and culture. Round forms, dominoes, birds and trees typical in Latin America, make their way into the artisans designs.

Hispanic jewelry dazzles with the wide variety of beautiful materials found in Latin America, from gold, silver, copper, and fine leather to precious stones like jade, lapis, turquoise, amber, and quartz.

If you can’t buy the jewelry in person at the source, the next best thing is to shop online, where you can find a tremendous variety of Latin bracelets, rings, pendants, and other jewelry.