Men’s Leather Bracelets by Hispanic Artisans

Don’t think for a minute that wearing men’s leather bracelets is something new in Hispanic culture. On the contrary, Hispanic jewelry is such a prevalent custom that if you look carefully at many paintings and wall depictions of tribal men in Latin America, you will realize how important jewelry was for men.

In ancient times, many Mesoamerican tribes like the Mayas and Aztecs wore very decorative bracelets. Hispanic tribes in South America also decorated their bodies, mostly with leather because it offered perfect protection against the weather.

Indigenous tribes, specifically those in Argentina called Los Pueblos del Chaco adorned their bodies by painting their faces and wearing necklaces and leather bracelets that had metal and seeds.

Men’s Leather Bracelets Are Part of Hispanic America

In olden times, leather was an important row material many South Americas tribes in countries like Chile, Argentina and Peru used because it provided protection against the changes in temperatures.  The climate obliged the indigenous people not only to use this material to adorn themselves, but also to create more durable clothing.

In Perú for example, there are still many indigenous people who work the leather.   Conversely, in countries like Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador working with leather was secondary to working with precious metals like gold and silver.

The abundance of the precious metals made it easier from Chibchas, Muiscas, and many tribes in the Amazon to use gold and silver instead of leather to adorn themselves.

Today, we can find beautiful designs that Hispanic artisans use to create leather bracelets for men based on tribal traditions. The artisans create the jewelry either inspired on the culture or following ancient traditions that still survive until today.  

Mens Leather Bracelets Show Your Masculine Side

Hispanic jewelry artisans produce leather bracelets inspired on designs of ancient indigenous tribes.  Amongst Latino artisans inspiration comes from nature and culture.

Artisans use tired leathers, interwoven laces and died pieces combining them with silver and natural fibers like tagua, alpaca, caña flecha etc., to create unique bracelets.

The best way to obtain true Latin American handmade leather bracelets is by traveling, and you don’t have to go off the beaten path. A simple trip to Peru, Chile, Argentina and even Mexico can be very rewarding in terms of bargain hunting while acquiring unique leather jewelry pieces.

Amongst Hispanics, seeing men wearing leather bracelets is nothing new, even though it is for many maybe a bit different from the norm. It all depends on your style, and in many cases, on your taste.

I have certainly seen typical suit and tie men during the week, that on the weekends convert into this free spirit that wears leather bracelets asa way to bring up their uniqueness and masculinity.