Latin American Rose Quartz Earrings – Handmade Designs by Latino Artisans and Others Around The World

We Latinos are a bit esoteric and mystical. In our culture, many believe that crystals like rose quartz can help channel and focus spiritual power. There is a good reason for it, this belief dates back to ancient civilizations like the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and Mayans, who all believed that rose quartz had a connection to love, beauty, and happiness.

Rose Quartz Earrings from Peru

Nowadays many rose quartz earrings come from Perú however, in Hispanic culture, specifically in Mexico, the Mayan lore about crystals has proven the most enduring.

Many people believe that there will be a process of rebirth at the end of days predicted by the Mayan calendar in 2012. The belief is that the energies of 13 crystal skulls, including a skull made of rose quartz, will help the rebirth.

Whether or not you believe in Mayan prophecy, the idea of rebirth is appealing, and many cultures agree that rose quartz has a special connection with the birth process.

Some of the best properties of Rose quartz relate to the help in regulating hormones, promoting fertility, easing childbirth, and healing female troubles like cramps.

Rose quartz also has a reputation of opening the Heart Chakra, which earned it the name “Love Stone.” People who wear rose quartz earrings, rings, or pendants attract love to their lives. This can manifest as love for themselves and others, and the results are improved self-esteem and better, more harmonious romantic and family relationships.

Rose quartz can also help heal emotional wounds, reduce stress, aid in meditation, and even help connect people to guardian angels or spirit guides. For this reason it is sometimes also called “Angel Stone.”

Even if you are unsure of the effectiveness of crystals for healing and spiritual power, you can still appreciate the positive ideas they symbolize, as well as their physical beauty.

For example, quartz earrings make a wonderful gift, because of their lovely soft pink color as well as the fact that they symbolize a wish of love and healing for the person you give them to.

The beauties our Latino artisans make in rose quartz don’t stop with the earrings. For other Latin American designs using rose quartz check rose quartz pendants and rose quartz rings. Both options complement beautifully the earrings.

Another popular stone very tied to tradition in Latin America is jade. Here you can choose and learn about handmade jade earrings and jade pendants and their properties along their meaning in Hispanic culture.

How to Choose the Best Rose Quartz Earrings

When choosing rose quartz earrings, you have to consider the type of stone and the style of the earrings. Many pieces of rose quartz are opaque like a stone, rather than translucent like a jewel. This type of quartz is ideal for cabochon necklaces or stud earrings, where it can be appreciated purely for its color.

Other pieces of rose quartz are more translucent, often shot through with sparkling fracture planes that catch the light and your eye. This type of quartz looks good in dangling earrings and pendants, where the light can reflect off of it from multiple angles.

For a traditional earring design, consider flared rose quartz plugs or eyelets which would be similar in style to what the Mayans wore. Of course, you can also find more modern designs.

Rose quartz is such a beautiful and versatile stone it’s not surprising many artisans enjoy working it into different forms.