Rose Quartz Pendants and Necklaces by Latino Artisans

Metaphysical and Healing Properties

Ever since the Mayans first mined rose quartz from the earth, Latinos have been adorning themselves with jewelry made from this pretty pink stone. Because rose quartz jewelry confers both aesthetic and spiritual benefits, rose quartz pendants make beautiful and thoughtful gifts for anyone you care about.

Hispanics and the Mystical Side of Rose Quartz Pendants

Our Hispanic culture and Latinos overall, seem to have a love for the fantastic and miraculous which is reflected in Latin jewelry. We lead the world in visions of the Virgin Mary, we invented the genre of magical realism, and we perfected the art of using elements of the natural world for healing.

Since the earliest times, Latin Americans practiced healing using rose quartz crystals. For example, while learning about the properties of pink quartz I came across one famous tale that involves 13 crystal skulls the Mayans created for healing and power. One of these skulls, made of rose quartz and unearthed in Guatemala in the modern age, reportedly healed a man of a poisonous snakebite. Its most recent owner lived to the amazing age of 107, which is a strong testament to the power of this stone!

The Healing Power of Pink Quartz Necklaces and Pendants

I also learned that it is a popular crystal for women because rose quartz properties ease menstrual pains, decrease stress, promote fertility, and protect women during pregnancy and childbirth.  The stone also supports beauty by promoting healthy skin. Some people say that rose quartz can prevent wrinkles!

The ancient Egyptians certainly thought this stone helped their skin. Did you know they used beauty masks cut from rose quartz to soothe their skin?

According to crystal healers, rose quartz can also help with burns, blisters, and scar tissue. Even if you don’t have a specific ailment that needs curing, rose quartz can still be helpful.  Known as the “Love Stone,” rose quartz exudes a soothing, feminine energy that opens the heart chakra to love. I think people of any faith and heritage can agree that love is one of the most important forces in the world.

Other rose quartz metaphysical properties include healing emotional wounds, promoting forgiveness, lowering stress, balancing masculine and feminine energies, and enabling you to focus on feeling and expressing unconditional love.

Even if you don’t really believe in the healing power of crystals, you can still appreciate all the good things that rose quartz symbolizes: unconditional love, forgiveness, and feminine energy.

When you give a gift of rose quartz jewelry, you symbolize that you want these good things to come into the recipient’s life.  In Hispanic culture, rose quartz pendants are a particularly good choice for this crystal because the pendant naturally positions the stone over the wearer’s heart. That is how many women have been wearing it for centuries.

A lot of rose quartz comes from Brazil and Peru, but it also appears in Mexico and Central American countries like Guatemala and Honduras. So, a gift of rose quartz not only confers spiritual benefits, it also serves as a physical reminder of your Latino roots.