Hispanic Baby Boy Name

hispanic baby boy name

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If you would like to know more about a particular Hispanic baby boy name simply scroll down and have fun.

Hispanic baby names are growing in popularity, and you may be interested in following the trend by naming your “bundle of joy” with one of the names I included in this great directory for boys.

This directory is a tool for you to find a Hispanic baby name with origin, meaning, and when possible, the name of a famous Hispanic who has it!

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hispanic baby boy name

Hispanic baby boy name

Name Origin and Meaning Famous Hispanics
Abejundio From the bees. Abeja means “bee” in Spanish.
Abrahan Hispanic baby boy name from Biblical origins. Means: father of the multitude.
Adán Hispanic baby boy name from Biblical origins, specifically the name of the first man. Variation from Adam. Means: earth.
Adolfo From the old German Adalwold. Means: noble hero.
Agustín From the Roman Augustinus. Means: The exalted one. Agustín Lara. Mexican composer, 1900-1970.
Aldo Means: old wealth.
Alejandro From Greek Alexandros. Means: the protector and defender. Alejandro Sánz. Spanish singer, 1968-.
Alfonso From the Visigothic Adalfuns. Means: noble warrior, battle ready. Alfonso Pérez Muñoz. Spanish soccer player, 1972-.
Alfredo From the Anglo Saxon Alfred. Means: elf counsel. Alfredo de La Fé. Cuban-born violinist.
Alonso variant of Alfonso. Means: noble and ready. Fernando Alonso Díaz. Spanish F1 racer, 1981-.
Andrés Hispanic baby boy name from Biblical origins. He was the apostle and brother of Peter. Form of Andrew. Means: man/warrior.
Angel Means: messenger of God.
Anibal Form of Phoenician Hannibal. Means: grace of Ba’hal -Lord or possessor.
Anselmo Form of German Anselm. Means: God-protection.
Antonio From the Roman Antonius. Means: worthy of praise. Antonio Banderas. Spanish actor, 1960-.
Apolinar Form of Greek Apollinaris. Means: destroyer.
Armando From the German Harmand. Means: bold/hardy man. Armando Christian Pérez. Cuban-American rapper known as Pitbull, 1981-.
Carlos Form of Charles. Means: free man. Carlos Santana. Mexican guitarrist, 1947-.
Casimiro From the Slavik Casimir. Means: famous destroyer.
Castel Means: belonging to a castle.
Cecilio From the name Caecus. Means blind/sixth.
César from the Roman family name Caesar. César Chávez, 1927-1993. Labor lider.
Chale Means: strong and manly.
Chico Means: boy, lad. Used also as diminutive of Franciso.
Ciro Means: the sun.
Claudio Masculin of Claudia. Means: the lame one.
Clemente From Latin Clemens. Also a last name. Means: Gentle and merciful.
Cornelio From Roman Cornelius. Means: horn.
Cristiano Form of Christian. Means: follower of Christ.
Damián From the Greek Damianos. Means: to subdue.
Darío Means: wealthy.
David Hispanic baby boy name from Biblical origin. Means: beloved.
Desiderio From the Latin Desiderius. Means: desire. Desi Arnaz, 1917-1986. Cuban actor, creator of I love Lucy show.
Diego Uncertain origin maybe from the name Tiago, which morphed into Diego. May also be derived from the Latin name Didacus, which means doctrina, teaching Diego Rivera, 1886-1957. Mexican muralist and husband of Frida Khalo.
Dionisio From the Greek Dionysios. Means: follower of Dionysos “Zeus-Nysa.”
Domingo From the Latin Dominicus. Means: day of the Lord.
Edgardo Form of Anglo-Saxon Eadgard. Means: rich spear.
Edmundo Form of English Edmund. Means: protector of prosperity.
Eduardo From the English Edward. Means: guardian of prosperity. Eduardo Estrada Palomo. Mexican actor, 1962-2003.
Efraín Form of Hebrew Efrayim. Means: fruitful.
Eliseo Hispanic baby boy name from the Hebrew biblical name Elisha. Means: God is salvation. Eliseo Salazar Valenzuela. Former F1 racing driver from Chile. 1955-.
Emilio Form of Latin Aemilius. Means: rival.
Enrique From the English Henry. Means: home-ruler. Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler. Spanish singer, 1975-
Ernesto Form of English Ernest. Means: battle to the death. Ernesto Guevara de la Serna – “El Ché Guevara.” Argentine-born Marxist revolutionary, 1928-1967.
Esteban Form of Greek Stephanos. Means: crown.
Fabián Form of Latin Fabianus. Means: like Fabius -bean.
Fabio From the Roman Fabius. Means: bean.
Fabricio From the Roman Fabricius. Means: crafstman.
Fausto Form of Roman Faustus. Means: lucky. Fausto Carmona. MLB player from Dominican Republic, 1983-.
Federico Form of English Frederick. Means: peaceful ruler. Federico García Lorca. Spanish poet and dramatist, 1898-1936.
Felipe From the Greek Philippos. Means: lover of horses. Don Felipe, Prince of Asturias. Spanish prince, 1968-.
Fernando Form of Visigothic Ferdinand. Means: journey-prepared.
Fidel From the Latin Fidelis. Means: faithful. Fidel Castro. Cuban dictator and ex-president, 1926-.
Francisco From the Latin Franciscus. Means: free.
Fulgencio From the Latin Fulgentius. Means: shining. General Rubén Fulgencio Batista. Cuban military leader, 1901-1973.
Gaspar Hispanic baby boy name derived from the Bible. One of the three kings who brought offerings to baby Jesus on his birthday. Means: treasure bearer.
Geraldo From the German name Gairovald. Means: spear ruler. Geraldo Rivera. Hispanic-American television journalist from Puerto Rican Origin, 1943-.
Gerardo Form of English and irish name Gerard. Means: spear brave.
Gilberto From the English Gilbert. Means: pledge-bright. Gilberto Santa Rosa. Puerto Rican singer of salsa and bolero, 1962-.
Gonzalo From the Visigothic Gundislav. Means: battle genius.
Graciano From the Roman Gratianus. Means: pleasing or agreeable.
Gregorio From the English Gregory. Means: watchful, vigilant.
Guillermo Form of English William. Means: will-helmet.
Gustavo From the Latin Gustavus. Means: meditation staff. Gustavo Adolfo Dudamel Ramirez. Musician and composer from Venezuela. 1982-
Héctor From the Latin Hector. Means: steadfast.
Hernán Means: journey prepared.
Hernando From the Visigothic Ferdinand. Means: journey prepared.
Hipólito From the Greek Hippolytos. Means: horse freer.
Horacio From the Roman Horatius. Means: has good eyesight.
Humberto Form of English Humbert. Probable meaning: bright support.
Ignacio From the Latin Ignatius. Possible meaning: unknowing.
Inocencio From the Latin Innocentius. Means: innocent.
Ismael Hispanic baby boy name from Biblical origins. He was the son of Abraham. Means: God will hear.
Jaime From Hebrew origin. Means: supplanter.
Javier From the basque Xavier. Means: a new house.
Jerónimo From the Greek Hieronymos. Means: holy name.
Jesús Hispanic baby boy name from the Bible. Means: God is salvation.
Joaquín From the biblical name Joachim. Means: established by God.
Jorge From the Greek Georgios. Means: earth worker or farmer. Jorge Ramos, Mexican News Presenter.
José From the Hebrew Yosef. Means: God shall add. José José. Singer and actor from mexico, 1948-.
Juan From the Latin Johannes. Means: God is gracious. Juan Esteban Aristizábal – Juanes, 1975-. Colombian singer.
Julián From Greek origin. Variant from the Roman Julianus. Means: Jove’s child.
Julio Variant of Julián. Means: Jove’s child. Julio César Chavez. Retired Mexican professional boxer, 1962-.
Leonardo From German Leonhard. Means: lion strong.
Leopoldo Derived from the German Leudbold and Liutbald. Means: brave among the people.
Luis From German Ludwig. Means: famous warrior. Luis Fonsi. Singer and actor from Puerto Rican ancestry, 1978-.
Manolo From Spanish Manuel. Means: God is with us.
Manuel Variation of Emmanuel. Hispanic baby boy name from Biblical origin meaning promised Messiah. Means: God is with us. Manuel Elkin Patarroyo. Colombian pathologist who developed the vaccine for malaria., 1947-.
Marcos From the Latin Marcus. Means: warlike.
Mario From the Latin marius. Means: male, virile.
Martín From the Latin Martinus. Means: like Mars.
Mateo Hispanic baby boy name from Biblical origin. Means: gift of God.
Mauricio From the Latin Mauricius. Means: Moor, dark skinned.
Maximiliano From the Latin Maximus. Means: greatest.
Miguel Hispanic baby boy name from Biblical origin who was the prince of angels. Means: like the Lord. Miguel Bosé. Singer born in Panama but considered by many Spaniard, 1956-.
Modesto From the Latin Modestus. Means: modereate, sober.
Nerón From the Latin Nero. Means: powerful.
Nicanor Means: modereate, sober.
Nicolás From the Greek Nikolaos. Means: victory of the people.
Noé Hispanic baby boy name from Biblical origin who was the patriarch of the diluvium. Means: rest.
Octavio Roman family name from the word octavus. Means: eighth. Octavio Paz Lozano. Mexican writer, poet, and diplomat who won the 1990 Nobel Prize in Literature. 1914-1998.
Oscar Gaelic origin. Means: deer lover. Oscar de la Hoya Hispanic American boxer, 1973-.
Osvaldo Form of English Oswald. Means: God power.
Ovidio From the Roman Ovidius. Means: sheep herder.
Pablo From the Latin Paulus. Means: small. Pablo milanés. Cuban singer, songwriter and guitar player, 1943-.
Paco Pet form of Francisco. Means: free.
Pancho Pet form of Francisco. Means: free. Pancho -character from “Plaza Sesamo” or Sesame Street.
Pascual From the Latin Paschalis. Means: child of Easter.
Pastor Late Latin name. Means: shepherd.
Pedro Hispanic baby boy name from Biblical origin. From the Greek Petros. Means: stone. Pedro Martinez. Dominican Baseball player, 1992-.
Pepe Spanish pet form of José. Means: God shall add. Pepe Aguilar. Hispanic American singer of “Ranchera” music, 1968-.
Plácido From the Latin Placidus. Means: placid, calm. Plácido Domingo. Spanish opera tenor, 1941-.
Plinio From the Roman Plinius. Means: unknown.
Porfirio From the Greek Porphyrios. Means: purple.
Próspero From the Roman Prosperus. Means: fortunate, successful.
Rafael Hispanic baby boy name from Biblical origin who was one of the seven archangels. Means: God has healed.
Raimundo From the German Raginmund. Means: wise protector.
Ramiro From the Latin Ramirus. Means: wise and famous.
Ramón From the German Raginmund. Means: wise protector. Ramón Hernández. Venezuela born major League Baseball catcher, 1973-.
Raúl From the German Radulf. Means: wise wolf.
Reinaldo From the German Reginold. Means: wise ruler.
Renato From the Latin Renatus. Means: reborn.
Ricardo From the German Richard. Means: powerful and brave. Ricardo Arjona. Guatemalan singer, 1964-.
Roberto From German origin . Means: bright and famous. Roberto Clemente Walker, 1934-1972. Puerto Rican Baseball player.
Rodolfo From the German Rudolf. Means: famous wolf.
Rodrigo From the German Hrodrick. Means: famous ruler.
Rogelio From the Latin Rogelius. Means: probably prayed for.
Rolando From the German Hroland. Means: famous land.
Rubén Biblical name of the eldest son of Leah and Jacob. Means: behold. Rubén Blades. Panamanian salsa singer, 1948-.
Rufino From the Roman name Rufus. Means: red haired.
Salomón Hispanic baby boy name from Biblical origin who was a king of Israel and son of David. Means: man of peace.
Salvador From the Latin Salvatore. Means: savior. Salvador Dalí. Spanish surrealist painter, 1904-1989.
Santiago Spanish name composed of two parts “saint” and the name “Iago.” Means: suplanter.
Sebastián From the Roman Sebastianus. Means: from Sebaste.
Sergio From the Roman family name Sergius. Means: servant.
Silvio From the Roman Silvius which comes from the Latin Silva. Means: from the forest. Silvio Rodriguez. Cuban Musician, 1946-.
Timoteo Biblical name of a companion of Paul. Means: to honor God.
Tomás Hispanic baby boy name from Biblical origins who was one of the twelve apostles of the new testament. From the Arameic Tom. Means: twin.
Ulises From the Latin Ulysses. Means: probably “to be angry/to hate.”
Vicente From the Latin Vincere. Means: conquering. Vicente Fernández. Mexican ranchera singer, 1940-.
Victor Probably from the Latin Vincere. Means: victory.
Virgilio From the English Virgil. Means: staff bearer.
Xavier Basque origin. Means: bright, splendid.
Zacarías Hispanic baby boy name of Biblical origin who was one of the twelve minor prophets. Means: God has remembered.


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