Hispanic Culture Test How Much Latino Culture Do You Know?


Let’s see how much you know about Latino culture. These mini-tests let you discover basic Hispanic culture I think anyone interested in Latino culture should know. I consider these topics to be somewhat enlightening about our culture, especially those who want to know basics about Hispanic heritage.

I created this test to entice you about learning more Hispanic culture and sharing your heritage or love for Latino culture with anyone who appreciates it. I enjoyed making the questions and I hope you have fun with the test. Remember, this is not a scientific test, so take it lightly and let me know your comments by clicking here.

How to Take this Hispanic Culture Test

The test has 7 sections and each has 5 questions with the exception of the Hispanic leaders test which has only four questions. Follow this instructions:

  • Click on the links below and take the test.
  • Compare your answers to the correct ones at the bottom of each test to see how many correct ones you have.
  • Keep the number of correct answers for each test on a piece of paper.
  • After taking all sections add all the correct answers.
  • Comeback here to check how you rate in Hispanic culture knowledge.

Rating Your Knowledge of Hispanic Culture

1 to 9 correct answers

Time to read, listen and watch a lot more about Hispanic culture. You have very limited knowledge of Hispanic culture. It is never late to learn more about it.

Try to meet some Latino immigrants who can tell you more about their own stories, reasons for immigrating or simply expand your circle of friends to include more Hispanics, I find this to be a fast way to learn.

10 to 18 correct answers

You have a limited knowledge of basic Hispanic culture. Travel to a Hispanic place, eat at a Latino restaurant, and off course read, watch and listen more to anything Latino culture. You will be amazed of how rich our culture is!

19 to 27 correct answers

You have some basic knowledge of Hispanic culture. Still there is a lot to learn. Read, travel and hang out with people who know Hispanic culture. You probably know some Hispanics by now, ask them for new recipes, and books that tell stories about Hispanic culture.

28 to 34 correct answers

Congratulations, you have a good basic knowledge of Hispanic culture. Remember this is only a very basic test, and Hispanic culture is vast. You are at a great point to enrich your life with more Latino culture and history. You probably have Hispanic friends and enjoy our culture more deeply.