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I am always trying to find little gems that help us keep traditions alive. I found a valuable one while trying to research some Hispanic food recipes.

I am talking about Hispanic Kitchen, a wonderful social network where Hispanics and Latin food lovers can share recipes, experiences and interact with other Hispanic foodies.

Many readers ask me where to go for more Latin recipes. Hispanic culture lovers also mention they would like to share and take ideas from other Latin chefs and Hispanic food lovers…Hispanic Kitchen is the place to go for it.

Today Hispanic Culture Online spoke with Jorge Bravo about his virtual place, his inspiration, beginnings and future of Hispanic Kitchen.

HCO: How did start? I love small stories, tell us a bit about that.


Hispanic Kitchen was born out of a realization that despite the popularity of Mexican and Latin food in the United States and the boom in cooking programs on TV over the past decade, Latin flavors were pretty much invisible on TV and on the web.

Hispanic Kitchen was created as a central venue for those who love Latin flavors to come learn more and celebrate Latin culture.

HCO: How did you start really pounding the road?

HK is totally virtual, so pounding the pavement really meant pounding the blogosphere and social media. That process does not, will not end. However, as HK grows, pounding the physical pavement will become necessary.

HCO: In a post in and in your profile in you say the main purpose of Hispanic Kitchen is “To provide an online venue for those who love Hispanic food to talk about it, share recipes and tips, interact, find fellow Hispanic foodies, and celebrate the variety of Hispanic cuisine found right here in the U.S. and Latin America.” Is this purpose evolving somehow? How do you envision in the future?

The intent remains the same. We’re still a very young community. We’re only scratching the surface of what is possible. With greater resources, much more could be done.

HCO: What are the three most important things Hispanic Kitchen offers to its readers and followers?

It has a growing recipe archive for cooks to consult (anyone can view them); however, joining as a member you can create your own list of favorite recipes, videos and more, in addition to being able to make friends and participate; lastly, Hispanic Kitchen offers an English-language window into a broad swath of Latin culture and cooking.

HCO: For the people who have not visited your site, tell me what are two cool features your site allows visitors to do? I know and use some of them, and I absolutely love them! For example personalization through My Profile, and so on…

The coolest thing is to be able to virtually store all your favorite recipes, videos, photos and posts – this feature was recently created.

Also as you mention, you can totally customize your profile – unlike other networking sites or blogs – you can make your personal page look and act the way you want, by tapping into our template and app library. Anyone can do it, no expertise needed!

HCO: I always ask this question, obviously you are a Hispanic culture lover, how do you keep Hispanic culture alive or how do you enjoy it?

I think Hispanic Kitchen is my way of contributing to Hispanic culture here in the USA and making sure that people understand just how broad and deep our cultural and food heritage really is.

It’s impossible to separate food and culture. They go together. Living in Miami, though, you’re never far from Latin culture, so that’s a wonderful thing from my perspective.

HCO: I imagine the majority of the site visitors are Hispanic or have some Hispanic background. Is that the demographic you want to target? Who is spending time at Hispanic Kitchen?

Indeed, a great many of our visitors and members are Hispanic but we don’t target any particular group. One reason many Hispanics come to HK is because they want to maintain that connection with their cuisine or to rediscover it. We have fans on our Facebook page from as far away as Italy and Australia.

HCO: Jorge, many of our readers are also internet entrepreneurs, in your opinion share 2 things that bring success to as an internet venture.

True, Hispanic Kitchen has had some success, it still faces significant hurdles, such as raising capital and growing revenue.

If I have any advice, I would say entrepreneurs constantly need to look at a concept. They need to be flexible and adapt as the situation changes. What’s working? What isn’t? If it isn’t, why? And what can be done about it? Who can help?

Of course, the more brains on board, the better. Being a solo entrepreneur can be a very lonely experience. That’s my situation, but I hope to change it.

HCO: Jorge it has been so nice to know the man behind

Thank you so much for allowing me to share Hispanic Kitchen’s story with your readers. I encourage them to also become fans at our Hispanic Kitchen Facebook Page or follow Hispanic Kitchen on Twitter.

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