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Hispanic Pictures Latina Beauties places us in an atmosphere of fiesta where we, Hispanics and Hispanic-Americans celebrate with beauty pageants and parades.

With the summer upon us, and the passing of our recent Fourth of July celebrations, I am inspired to share this photo of two beauty queens at the Puerto Rican Day Parade.

It brings back memories of my days as a Teen “Queen of Naguabo” at the 1970 Puerto Rican Day Parade.

I remember sitting on top of a beautifully decorated float waving at the cheering crowds enthusiastically celebrating our Puerto Rican heritage – it was a wonderful moment in which I felt connected to mi cultura y gente!

For the many Latinos who participate in parades, representing their country of origin and sharing their customs and culture throughout the United States, it’s also a way to honor their homeland.

There are over one hundred Latino parades and festivals in the New York area alone. Aledia in her website, Dominicanidades, lists a calendar of events with photos that are filled with color, ornate costumes, and rituals by the diverse cultures of Latin America.

The increasing amount of cultural parades is a testament to the need for individual cultural identity and community.

Reach out to your Latina Mami, Prima, Hermana o Amiga with this Culturame card and share your Latino pride but more importantly let them know they are princesses in your eyes.

Debra Del Toro-Phillips is a photographer and Hispanic entrepreneur.  View this photo and others in our Fotografía of America Latina Collection at Cultúrame™

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