Hispanic Pictures Mi Hermanita My Sister



Hispanic pictures Mi Hermanita is a beautiful picture that shows our apparent differences even though we are all Latinas.

Last month on my January photo contribution, I made reference to the woman in this photograph “mi hermanita” and wrote about the cultural similarities and differences we share.

We are both Latin American women. She is from Ecuador. I am from Puerto Rico. Yet we speak different languages. I speak Spanish. She speaks Quechua. I am more contemporary in my attire and lifestyle. She is more traditional. We do share a common factor -we are both of Hispanic origin.

Although we share a Latin American background, our culture, traditions, rituals and languages differ. As bi-cultural Latin Americans, we may feel united as Latinos, but we enjoy holding onto the heritage of our country of origin.

The amount of history and culture associated with each Latin American country is so vast and representative of who we are as a people, our values, and identity, that it feels good to say I am Puerto Rican, Mexican, Ecuadorian, etc.

It’s fun to share our culture with others and we always appreciate when people acknowledge and respect the differences that exist among our Latin American “hermanos y hermanas.”

I hope my photographs convey some of these differences while revealing the uniqueness and individuality of the culture. For more Latin American photos and bilingual greeting cards go to www.culturame.com

Debra Del Toro-Phillips is a photographer and Hispanic entrepreneur.  View this photo and others in our Fotografía of America Latina Collection at Cultúrame™

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