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Hispanic pictures Patience invites us to take it easy. In Costa Rica we would say pura vida, in Colombia tomala suave, in the U.S. simply take it easy.

Latinos have it ingrained within to take it easy and enjoy the day as it comes, which is a good thing, as it allows for greater pleasures and being in the moment.

I know as soon as I set foot on the tropics or my beloved Puerto Rico, my whole body language and rhythm changes. I am quickly transported into a Latino frame of mind as I begin to saunter my way through the day.

This month’s photo is titled “¡Paciencia! – Patience…” I came upon this man and woman sitting outside a bodega in Guatemala.

I was struck by their body language as it revealed this “take it easy, enjoy the day as it comes” attitude I’m talking about. It is an image found not only in Guatemala, but outside bodegas in El Barrio, The Bronx, or anywhere where Latinos reside.

For some of us it’s not easy to sit and wait. We live our lives in such a rush, trying to fit in more than we should in one day. But there is something to be said for waiting, being patient, and taking the day as it comes.

This photo is one of my Cultúrame bilingual cards. The expression inside the card reads: Good things come to those who wait! ¡Lo bueno le llega al que sabe esperar!

So, I say, “Saunter a little and enjoy!” Give this card to a friend and encourage them to find the Latino within.

Debra Del Toro-Phillips is a photographer and Hispanic entrepreneur. View this photo and others in our Fotografía of America Latina Collection at Cultúrame™

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