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Children and adults love to enjoy a piragua. We have seen the small carts in the corners of the Bronx and in El Barrio in New York. These carts sell these icy treats famous in Latin America.

It’s a steamy hot summer in much of the USA and there is no better way to cool off than with a “Piragua!” That’s what we call these shaved ice treats in Puerto Rico. In Cuba they are “Granizados”.

In the Dominican Republic, “Frío, Frío.” In Mexico, Colombia and Panama they are called, “Raspados.” In Bolivia, “Shikashika.” In Chile, “Mermelada con Hielo.” In Venezuela, “Cepillados” and in Peru “Cremolada.”

You’ll find vendors of these delicious treats, with colorful pushcarts, standing near parks and street corners in Latino neighborhoods.

You’ll be sure to savor this refreshing treat even before it touches your lips, as the vendor scrapes off the ice, places it on a paper cone, and pours your favorite fruit flavored syrup over the ice! Ay, qué rico!

This is a delicious multicultural summer treat with many countries where it’s hot and fruits are plentiful enjoying their own version of this frozen dessert.

“Halo halo” is what they call it in the Philippines. “Shave Ice” in Hawaii. “Kakig?ri” in Japan and “Ice kacang” in Malayasia.

At Cultúrame™ we honor this multicultural treat with a bilingual card to encourage friends and loved ones to enjoy and share the sweet pleasures of the day!

Debra Del Toro-Phillips is a photographer and Hispanic entrepreneur. View this photo and others in our Fotografía of America Latina Collection at Cultúrame™

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