Hispanic Pictures Siesta Time


Hora de la Siesta

Hispanic pictures Siesta Time brings us back to this time in the day when we had the chance to relax, at least in Hispanic speaking countries. For many of us who grew up in Spanish speaking countries and now live in the U.S. this time of the day is a bit of a luxury.

When in America Latina? Get yourself some siesta time and dream in Espa?ol! Well, actually, a hamaca is not just for when you’re vacationing in Latin America!

Latin America may be where it originated but hammocks are now used throughout the world, especially in countries with warm climates.

As I was traveling throughout Asia recently, I saw hammocks under a shady tree or a hut in a variety of sizes and colors.

While driving in Vietnam, along the rice fields, there were roadside huts lined up with as many as 50 hammocks waiting for tired laborers to take a siesta during the heat of the day. It was fascinating, as I felt I could have been in Costa Rica or any Latin American country.

The only difference was the landscape could’ve been filled with banana trees, coffee or sugar canes instead of rice fields. A reminder of how we live in a small world where we may adapt different customs and rituals, but we all have the same needs.

Taking a siesta is good for the soul and productivity. We should do it more often. Don’t wait to vacation in the tropics to enjoy this worldwide ritual! Encourage friends to do it with this Culturame Bilingual Card.

Debra Del Toro-Phillips is a photographer and Hispanic entrepreneur.  View this photo and others in our Fotografía of America Latina Collection at Cultúrame™

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