Hispanic Wedding Couple Piñata

A Mexican Wedding Tradition 

Did you know that Mexicans use a piñata in weddings called Hispanic wedding couple piñata?  That’s right, when you look at Hispanic culture, you’ll find that piñatas originated in Mexico with the arrival of the missionaries.

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The Mayans used to break piñatas as a game, and the Aztecs used to break piñatas as a way to celebrate the birthday of one of their gods.

In other old Hispanic communities, the breaking of a piñatas symbolized receiving blessings and favors from the gods.

With Hispanic wedding traditions, the Hispanic wedding couple pinata is a way to incorporate the old ways. It is tradition for Hispanics to throw a reception filled with Latin passion, dance, music and tasty food.

Hispanic wedding celebrations last throughout the night, and at the beginning of the fiesta de matrimonio or the boda, the breaking of the wedding couple piñata happens. This tradition is primarily Mexican.

Imagine you’re one of the guests at a traditional Mexican wedding. As you enter the reception area, you see a piñata in the center of the room or on a stage.

The guests gather around this paper mache figure filled with rice, small souvenirs, traditional sweets, and coins. The children are blindfolded and armed with sticks to hit the piñata to break it open.

When the Hispanic wedding couple piñata breaks and the goodies spill out, the dancing begins. The bride and groom dance first, a money dance follows and the rest of the night is devoted to dances like salsa, merengue, and romantic ballads.

In any kind of wedding celebration that’s true to the culture of Mexico in the olden days, the breaking of the piñata is a sign that celebration has begun.

The main shapes of the piñata are those representing the bride and groom. The second most traditional shape is a heart. Also, you can make your piñata into a shape of a wedding cake.

The couple can go with the traditional shapes for piñatas. The regular pot, the pineapple and the star shaped piñatas.

What do Mexicans use to fill their piñata? Confetti, money, grains of rice, coins, and traditional sweets. In many Hispanic weddings today, piñatas have two draw strings for the bride and the groom to hold. When they pull the strings down, it sets a pair of lovebirds free.

Hispanic Wedding Couple Piñata

Mexican Wedding Pinata
Picture by zackzachariah

No matter what kind of Hispanic wedding couple pinata you use and no matter what you fill it with, breaking open a Mexican piñata always means La fiesta comenzó or the party started!

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