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Mexican Wedding

mexican-wedding-1How Is a Mexican Wedding?

Like many events in Latin America, weddings amongst Mexican Americans involve the whole family and a wealth of beautiful traditions. There are many traditions that are a must to celebrate. Read the most important ones here and share this source with your friends.


Mexican Wedding Cake

mexican-wedding-cake-1Mexican Wedding Cake
Interested in celebrating with a Mexican wedding cake? Your wedding doesn’t have to be an old style traditional wedding. Simply give a Latino touch by serving a Mexican wedding cake: a rich, dark and fruity cake that is so characteristic of Mexican weddings. Here I show you how to modernize the cake to have a fabulous touch of Hispanic tradition at your wedding!


Making the Best Mexican Wedding Cookie

What about making the best Mexican wedding cookie? You maybe asking yourself what recipe to follow, how should it be or should I even include it in my Hispanic wedding? Planning to have a piece of Hispanic tradition at your wedding by serving a Mexican wedding cookie can make your reception unforgettable. Keep reading to find out what could work best for you…


Hispanic Wedding Couple Piñata

Hispanic Wedding Couple PiñataHispanic Wedding Couple Piñata
Did you know that Mexicans use a piñata in their weddings called Hispanic wedding couple piñata? That’s right, when you look at Hispanic culture, you’ll find that piñatas originated in Mexico with the arrival of the missionaries. To know more about this tradition keep reading here…


Bizcocho Negro Recipe

bizcocho-negroBizcocho Negro Recipe

This bizcocho recipe is a must for weddings, quinceaneras, Catholic First Communions, and very special occasions amongst Colombians and Hispanics. This cake takes a lot of work to do but don’t be discouraged because it is not complicated, instead it is labor intensive.

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