How to Choose the Perfect Quinceañera Cake

Your quinceañera party should feature the perfect quinceañera cake or the cake of your dreams! To create this masterpiece think about the meaning of the cake:  A single item that represents your style, brings friends and family together to celebrate and provides the best taste of sweetness.

Beautiful and delicious, quinceañera cakes come in many shapes, styles, and of course flavors.  I can just imagine you trying to figure out what style, color, type of ingredients, shape, etc., for your pastel de quince.

How to Choose Your Quinceañera Cake?

Start from the basic function of the cake: The cake serves as the focal point of the food area and plays a big role in the overall decor of your party. Remember it will obviously be featured in the cake cutting ceremony.

When thinking about your cake sure that you infuse it with your style and personality, and make it match your dress, decor, and party theme.

What You Must know Between Traditional & Modern Quinceañera Cakes

Traditional Cake

quinceañera cake

How to Choose Your Quinceañera Cake?

Often, the bizcocho de quince is a black cake in Colombia or actually a group of separate cakes arranged together on cake stands and connected by miniature staircases.

The staircases hold little dolls representing the honor court of the quince party. A larger doll representing the quinceañera stands atop the tallest cake.

In some cases, this doll doubles as the última muñeca or last doll, which is another important quinces tradition.

Another common style of quinceañera cakes looks very similar to a tiered wedding cake. Typically, these quince cakes have three round tiers and are decorated to match the quinceañera’s dress.

For example, the cake might be light pink or white with frosting pearls, flowers, ribbons, or ruffles for decoration.

Cakes also feature a quinceañera cake topper such as a glittery “15,” a tiara, or a small quince doll. A slightly more modern take on this cake style is to use square layers or even asymmetrical layers.

Modern Quinceañera Cake

Nowadays, more and more quinceañeras are opting for elaborate sculptural cakes that match the theme of their party. For example, the cake might look just like a designer purse, a castle, or a huge butterfly. These kinds of cakes are truly works of art!

When it comes to flavors, just about anything goes. Yellow cake is pretty common, because it is a good neutral base that just about all guests will eat. It complements just about any flavor of frosting or filling.

Another popular cake flavor is tres leches. pasteles de tres leches are light, moist cakes soaked in milk syrup and flavored with vanilla and rum. They work well for quince parties because they will not dry out during the party.

Essentials to Find the Perfect Quinces Cake

Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect quince cake for your special day.

  • Plan ahead because many bakeries take orders up to 6 months in advance, so you will need to finalize your order early.
  • Choose your bakery carefully by:
    • Requesting the bakery’s portfolio to have an idea of what kind of cakes they are good at making.
    • Asking if personalization is an option, if so how much does the price change?
    • Asking if they use pre-made mixes or are all cakes made from scratch.
    • Requesting samples to make sure you choose the right one.
    • Asking if they deliver the cake to the party place and also, if they place and decorate the cake on the food table.  Does it have an extra cost?
    • Tasting the icings too.  Fondant icing (the smooth, flat icing often used in theme cakes) looks great but many people don’t like the taste.
    • Setting up the cake table. Buy cake stands, mini staircases, dolls, and quinceañera cake toppers to complement your cake.

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