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For birthday parties, company outings, and fiestas, a great addition to the fun and revelry is a piñata. Even if you don’t have a Hispanic themed party, nothing compares to the excitement the crowd feels when the piñata is unveiled.

You can use piñatas for many Hispanic culture celebrations; for example a birthday party wouldn’t be complete without one, las posadas should include pinatas or you can simply learn how to make a piñata to add to any celebration.

Don’t Know How to Make a Piñata?

Making a piñata is easy. If you’re wondering how to make a piñata don’t worry I have put together detailed instructions you can follow. It’s so easy you can get your kids involved in the making and get the fun started.

Supplies to Make a Paper Mache Piñata

  • Flour/white glue
  • Water
  • Old newspapers
  • Balloon (large)
  • Colored cardboard/construction paper
  • Sewing needle
  • Fishing line
  • Paint
  • Crepe paper
  • Glitters
  • Hispanic Candy, nuts or fillings of your choice

How to Make a Piñata – Instructions

1) Cut the old newspaper into wide strips, about 3×12 inches.

2) Make a mix one part flour with two parts water in a bowl. If you’re using white glue instead, you mix two parts of the glue with one a part of water.
3) Inflate the balloon and tie it off at the end to keep the air from escaping.

4) Dip the strips of newspaper one by one in the mixture you made making sure the two sides of the newspaper strip are covered with paste.

5)Put the strips on the balloon. Make sure to leave a hole on the top. This will be where you put the candies, toys and trinkets in.

6) After covering the balloon with newspaper strips, set it aside to dry.

7) When the newspaper strips on the balloon are dry, repeat the process of putting more strips on the balloon one to two times more.

8) When the last layer of strips is dry, pop the balloon and take it out of the paper mache formation.

9) Use the cardboard and construction paper to build your piñata. There are a myriad of piñata ideas that you can use.

10) Use the crepe paper, glitters and trims to add color and decorate to your piñata.

11) Fill the hole on top of your paper mache with the candies, toys and trinkets.  If you want a Hispanic flair use typical candies from Mexico or your country of origin. My favorite filling is a set I buy from Mexgrocer called Deluxe Pinata filling package.

12) Thread the sewing needle with the fishing line and punch it through your paper mache piñata. Create a loop with the fishing line to hang your piñata from.

13) Hang it at a height away from breakable things, furniture and artwork.

14) Blindfold one person at the party and with a couple of spins and a stick, have fun as you wait for them to break the piñata.

Not Sure About Making Your Piñata?

Drawstring or pull string pinatas are a very good choice if you want to be on the safer side…still a lot of fun. Here I included some drawstring pinatas in case you decide to simply buy the pinata instead of making it.

Remember that fillings are also very important. When I celebrate my son’s birthday I make sure to buy the typical Mexican or traditional candies from Hispanic America. It is such a pleasure seeing kids enjoy and having fun with a simple piece of our culture.

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