What is New?  Don’t Miss the New Movie About César Chávez

Directed by Diego Luna, actor (Y tu mama también and Milk), director and producer (The Well), the movie stars Michael Peña (Walkout and American Hustle) in the leading role as Chávez; America Ferrera (Real Women Have Curves, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and TV’s Ugly Betty) as Helen Chávez, the leader’s wife; and Rosario Dawson (Alexander, Rent and Men in Black II) as Dolores Huerta, who co-founded the United Farm Workers union (UFW).

Tell Me More Spanish Demo See Behind the Scenes of the Best Spanish Learning Software

Tell Me More Spanish Review Lets talk frankly, this is the best software available if you really want to learn Spanish like a native. Watch the video and you will see why….


Jose Luis Orozco Interview with Hispanic Culture Online

Hispanic Culture Online spoke with Jose Luis Orozco, the Mexican born children’s author and music composer about the importance of raising bilingual and bicultural children.


How To Learn Spanish

How to Learn Spanish Road Map To Start Learning Spanish Now! A mini road map to successfully choose the right program for you, along my top reviews in what I consider the best programs for learning Spanish online and Spanish software reviews in the market.


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Maybe you have seen Hollywood divas such as Salma Hayek and Jennifer López, who turn heads with their distinctive looks, and you want to read more about these famous Spanish people and their heritage. You may want to read the biography of a specific Hispanic baseball player, Hispanic inventors or famous Hispanic Americans. Maybe you are a Hispanic like me who married an American and want to preserve your Latin culture by giving your little ones Hispanic baby names. I know! You love Hispanic talavera, hammocks, sarapes, and objects you can incorporate into your daily life seamlessly, those that put you in touch with your heritage! It could also be that you enjoy our music and dance (reguetón, merengue, salsa, tango, etc.) and want to know more about it or you wish to prepare for your next Latin travel adventure to North, Central or South America. Perhaps you are intrigued by our family values and beliefs or want to participate in some Hispanic Christmas or Hispanic Holidays. It could be that you want to know how introducing Spanish for kids can help you preserve your heritage or simply get tips on how to do it. There may be many reasons that you want to know more about this wonderful culture and there are countless new and exciting things to discover. Take the offer of a native Latina; I am inviting you on a “journey” to experience our culture. So have a leisurely look around, and get ready to enjoy Hispanic culture at its best!