Jennifer López Biography

Bazaar Magazine February 2008

From Jenny From the Block to Jenny the Superstar

Name: Jennifer Lynn López.
Birth date: July 24, 1969.
Birthplace: The Bronx, NY.
Breakthrough: Being one of the “Fly Girls” dancers on the TV comedy series “In Living Color” in 1990. Movie “Selena” in 1997.

This Jennifer López biography tells the wonderful story of a middle class Hispanic woman who achieved incredible success as an actress, singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, model, and business woman.

Jennifer López grew up in a family of five, three daughters (she is the middle one), her mother Guadalupe a kindergarten teacher and her father David a computer technician. She has a true Hispanic heritage with both parents born in Puerto Rico.

Bazaar Magazine February 2008

Bazaar Magazine
February 2008

Giant Magazine Oct/Nov 2007

Giant Magazine
Oct/Nov 2007

Cosmopolitan February 2008

February 2008

At the age of 5 she started taking singing and dancing lessons, and from there on she became passionate about it. As a true Hispanic she was raised Catholic, and attended Preston High School an all-girl Catholic school in the Bronx, NY.

Jennifer is not the only one with artistic inclinations in her family. Her oldest sister Leslie is a housewife who sings opera, and her youngest sister Lynda is a morning news show correspondent and a DJ in New York.

Her professional career started when she was a teenager with roles in musicals and an appearance in the film My Little Girl in 1986. After a brief period in law school at Baruch College in New York, she decided to pursue her passion –dance- and show business, and in 1990 she played the role of a dancer for the television series In Living Color.

In 1995 she made her first appearance on movies in the film Mi Familia. Soon after, other films of higher caliber followed, for instance: Money Train in 1995, Jack in 1996 directed by Coppola, and Blood and Wine the same year directed by Jack Nicholson.

Finally A Great Opportunity…The Breakthrough

Her biggest recognition came from starring in the movie Selena in 1997. This movie opened all doors for JLo, and from there on the Jennifer López biography has become an incredible story of success. She was the first Latina actress to be paid $1,000,000 for a movie role.

The truth about JLo’s work as an actress is that it has not been cataloged as “the best.” She is undoubtedly a talented dancer and her music is well received among Pop and Latin Pop lovers but people do not refer to her as a great actress like they do to Salma Hayek or Penelope Cruz.

Her success continued to the end of the 1990’s with Out Of Sight. She was paid $2,000,000 for it, and from there on the numbers continue to increase…tremendously. In 2005 she was earning $15,000,000 per movie.


Unfortunately she is as a poor producer of ROI (return on investment). In December 2007, the article “Russell Crowe Tops Most Overpaid Celebs List” published in talks about Jennifer Lopez generating the studio only $9 of gross income for every dollar she is paid.


Jennifer López Movies

In the new millennium Jennifer López has been a busy bee, starting with The Cell in 2000, she continues to make movies in spite of their poor box office performance at an average of one per year.

For 2008 she will have her plate full with Bordertown, The Governess, and Austin powers 4. She also has Love and Other Impossible Pursuits for 2009.

Jennifer Lopez Albums

Como Ama Una Mujer

Como Ama Una Mujer

Jennifer López biography is more impressive when we talk about music. By the end of the 1990’s she attracted the attention of Tommy Mottola, and in 1999 she released On the 6, an album that earned multi-platinum. The singles from this album claimed number one positions on both the Pop and Latin charts.

In 2001 she released JLo with great success. In 2002 her album J to tha L-O!:was about re-mixes, and at the end of the same year we enjoyed This Is Me… Then. In 2005 Rebirth. hit the market, and in 2007 she surprised us with the Spanish album “Como Ama Una Mujer.” Later on the same year she released Brave.

Love Life In The Jennifer López Biography

After achieving such a professional success, Jennifer López found herself in short lasting relationships until she married current husband Marc Anthony.

Her first marriage was in 1997 to Ojani Noa a Cuban-born waiter she met at a Miami restaurant. They divorced in January 1998. In 2007 they ended up in a legal battle over a book Noa was going to publish about their short marriage. JLo won and Noa had to hand all materials related to the book to Jennifer.

In 1999 scandal knocked at her door while she was at a NY club with her boyfriend at the time Sean Combs. A year later the relationship between Combs and JLo ended.

On September 2001 she married her former backup dancer Chris Judd. This relationship ended in 2002, the same year she started dating Ben Affleck publicly. They announced their engagement in November 2002 but it was short lived when Ben was spotted with his friends at a strip club in Vancouver.

In 2005 she married Marc Anthony, the Latin singer who she dated in the late 90’s and in early 2004. They had a very private small wedding.

The couple have twins, Max and Emme, who were born Feb. 22 2008 and are cared for the old Latin way…how? by mom and hubby– without the help of a nanny!

Unfortunately the couple announced on July 15, 2011 they were splitting up after 7 years of marriage. They said in public they had come to an amicable agreement.

Jennifer the Business Woman

The typical Jennifer Lopez biography doesn’t talk about her business ventures beside singing and acting.

She is involved in making movies, and she has her own production company: Nuyorican Productions.

Jennifer Lopez line of clothing is under the brands justSweet, and JLo. Her and her ex-partner Andy Hilfiger, brother of Tommy Hilfiger, created the Jennifer line of clothing Sweetface which failed to take off in 2006.

Jennifer López Perfume

The business story continues in this Jennifer Lopez biography. She is under a licensing agreement with Coty, and her perfume line has been very successful according to “The Smell Of money” an article published in in January 2008, where it comments on JLo’s fragrance line generating a steady revenue of $100,000,000 a year since 2004.

Glow by JLo was the first creation in 2002, Glow After Dark and Still Jennifer Lopez were her subsequent fragrances. Today she continues to release Jennifer Lopez perfumes and they have all become a success. Here are some of her best fragrances.

Jennifer López biography shows a multi-talented Latino woman who is not only gifted
for show business but also for managing a business empire.

Jennifer López biography is one of the most searched on the internet. She continues
to be a true pop icon who is recognized as one of the most influential Latino figures
of our times.

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