John Leguízamo Biography

A Hispanic Star that Went From Queens to Broadway

This John Leguízamo biography shows why Leguízamo is one of the most popular Hispanic actors of today’s time. Not only does he act in large productions in the US, but he also works as a comedian, a voice artist and a producer.

You can see him in a number of big movies, movies like Carlito’s Way in 1993, To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar in 1995, Romeo + Juliet in 1996 and Moulin Rouge in 2001, among others.

Name: John Leguízamo.
Birth date: July 22, 1964.
Birthplace: Bogota, Colombia.
Breakthrough: Playing a young teenager from the Bronx in the IFM Hangin’ with the Homeboys in 1991.

Out of the many roles portrayed in John Leguízamo’s movies, probably the most famous character is Benny Blanco in Carlito’s Way.

Opposite big stars like Al Pacino and Sean Penn, John did very well as a young gangster from the Bronx. He gave justice to his character and conveyed the message that Benny Blanco is as ambitious as he is obnoxious.

Benny’s character started out offering Carlito a business partnership. Each time Benny makes the offer, Carlito always rejects him until Benny goes out to confront him at his table.

Just like on their previous encounters, Carlito succeeds in humiliating Benny but he leaves unscathed to fight another day. In the end, it’s Benny’s victory when he succeeds in ending Carlito’s life at the train station.

After that great role, every John Leguízamo biography will tell you that he continues to find more ways to excel in different avenues.

Leguízamo produced, wrote and starred in the TV series House of Buggin’ in 1995. The series had two Emmy nominations but was cancelled after the first season.

Leguízamo entered Broadway in 1998 with excellent reviews in the one man stand-up performance Freak. This is his story and how he tried to gain his father’s acceptance.

November 2010 was the beginning of John Leguízamo Ghetto Klown. This is where John, recounts everything, at least almost everything about his personal and professional life.

He goes ahead depicting his life growing up in Queens until making the cut in show business. He does it with singing, dancing and acting.

No one is more entertaining and fun to watch than Mr. John Leguízamo. For all of you who want to learn more about his life and how he rose as a star, I recommend you to buy tickets to Ghetto Klown.

It’s a multimedia way to get a load of the John Leguízamo biography. You get to know who he really is, not through reading a book but through singing and dancing – in a hilarious hyperactive way.

The New York Times, Bloomberg News and The New York Post praise his wonderful way to make the audience laugh in Ghetto Klown.

John, a true Hispanic has opened the doors for many other Latinos to make it to Hollywood and Broadway. Always striving for excellence and creating new ways to communicate with his audience.

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