José Luis Orozco

Raising Bilingual Children

Being at the International Latino Book Awards was a joy. I had the chance to experience firsthand how Latino writing and publishing has been increasing in the past years.

Latino Literacy Now presents this event every year in recognition to the excellent contributions made to literature by Latino book publishers and writers world wide.

Since 1999 Latino Literacy Now is presenting these awards to Hispanics who are nominated in about 57 categories.

These awards are a unique opportunity for Latinos to every year achieve distinction in the literary field.

I had a chance to speak to José Luis Orozco, the Mexican born children’s author and music composer about the importance of raising bilingual and bicultural children.

It was simply a joy to speak to such a great contributor to Hispanic Culture in the U.S. His music and books are part of our collection at home, and many of the children I teach Spanish to, have the great pleasure to sing the songs of José Luis Orozco.

I can surely say that if you want to keep Latino culture alive at home with your little ones, one of the first ways to start doing it, is by enjoying the music and books of José Luis Orozco!

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