Latin America Mothers Day
Traditions, Significance & Latin Gifts

A mother’s love knows no bounds. Motherhood transcends differences of faith, nationality, ethnicity, and cultural heritage, and unites us all as part of the human condition.

Is it any wonder that so many countries around the world have official holidays celebrating motherhood?

In Latin America, Mother’s Day is particularly popular. On the Dia de la Madre in Latin America, you won’t see the sort of sedate, perfunctory luncheons and greeting cards that are now-a-days common in the United States. Instead, you will find big parties that can take all day long!

In places like Puerto Rico, Colombia, Mexico, Cuba, and El Salvador, the  celebrations go beyond just thanking and honoring your own mother. Latinos include grandmothers and other matriarchs in the festivities, as the whole family shows their gratitude for the strong women who bind them all together.

Mother’s Day in Latin American Countries

Latin America Mother's Day

While most countries celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May, Mexico and El Salvador use a fixed date, May 10.

Did you know that when May 10 falls on a weekday, the people of El Salvador often close the schools and take time off of work so that everyone can travel to visit their mothers?  Now that’s dedication!

In Mexico, Mother’s Day celebrations begin on May 9, or “Mother’s Day Eve” when children traditionally gather in their mother’s home for a visit.

The next morning, the children wake their mothers with singing and accompany them to a special mass honoring one of the most important mothers of all time–the Virgin Mary.  After mass, moms get to breakfast on tamales and atole.

If it is a school day, the mothers will enjoy a special performance in their honor at their children’s school, including singing, dancing, and skits.

In Latin America, Mothers day is an opportunity for kids to treat their moms to a meal at a nice restaurant and plenty of flowers and heartfelt gifts.

Moms are so accustomed to taking care of everyone else all the time that it can be hard to get them to take a day off for themselves!

For example, in Cuba, a group of mothers known as the Damas de Blanco or The Ladys in White, hold a peaceful demonstration each week, including on Mother’s Day, to protest the political imprisonment of their sons, brothers, and husbands.

Latin Decor & Handcrafted Jewelry for Mom

Artisan jewelry silver pendantsArtisan Jewelry
Silver Pendants

Latin Home Decor Latin
Home Decor

Dichroic Glass JewelryMexican Dichroic
Glass Jewelry

Latina moms love to take care of themselves and if you look carefully you can see lots of us wearing handmade jewelry. Why is that? Well, I think is in our personality to adorn ourselves.

Latinas enjoy giving and receiving gifts. We are social and very much
into sharing. Some of the best handcrafted jewelry comes from Latin American countries and it is made by our Latino artisans.

Artisan jewelry including silver pendants.  or special pieces like dichroic glass jewelry from Mexico are some of the best examples.

If Latino handmade jewelry is not a choice try something for home. Handmade alpaca blankets, Mexican rugs or family photographs especially framed are good choices.

Latin Kitchen Tools for Mother’s Day

best-pressure-cooker-1Best Pressure

Talavera Plates

Tamale Steamer

Yes, many of us like to cook, even though we admit not being perfect at it. What is certain is that we need the right tools for preparing the best dishes we hold dearly in our hearts like tamales.

To make excellent tamales you must own the right tamale steamer, and to make the deliciosos frijoles owning the best pressure cooker makes the job a breeze.

Some people say that one of the reasons for loving our mothers so much in Latin American countries is because life in these countries can be very challenging.

Many Latin mothers raise children alone in difficult economic circumstances, sacrificing a lot and working their fingers to the bone to make sure their kids get everything they need. Their entire lives are truly a labor of love for their children!

Latin America Mother’s Day is a very special chance to say thank you, whether it is with a bunch of flowers, a special gift, a traditional song, or just a simple hug and kiss, whatever makes your own irreplaceable mother feel loved and appreciated!

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