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Our Latin food recipes are rich in flavor and influences coming from Spanish conquerors and African slaves mixed with tropical and indigenous tastes.

There is no doubt each country has specific characteristics and ingredients that make their cuisine unique, but overall there are what I call Hispanic food staples that you can find throughout Caribbean, North American and Latin American food pantries. I give a bit of history here Latin cooking section

Hispanic America gave to the world corn, hot peppers, exotic fruits, chocolate, vanilla, cotton, turkeys, potatoes, squash, yucca, peanuts, tomatoes and tapioca. Tapioca and peanuts? yes, I thought they came from Asia!

Choosing the Top Ten

It was not easy, but based on the popularity and ease of these recipes here they are. The ones included here are known because they are a “must” for certain holidays like Hispanic Christmas or Navidad, or because we -Hispanics- just love them and prepare them with simple ingredients we can find here in the U.S.

These Hispanic recipes are neither complicated (with the exception of tamales -at least for me!) nor are they designed to break your piggy bank. They are authentic recipes that carry the flavors of Hispanic culture. Enjoy.

Must Know Hispanic Food Recipes and Markets

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Top 10 Recipes Per Country




Ajiaco Bogotano
Chicharron or Chicharrones
Seafood soup recipe – Cazuela de mariscos al coco
Bizcocho Recipe or Bizcocho Negro
Red beans and rice
More Colombian Food Recipes


Cuban Black Bean Soup
Cuban Pork Roast


Pico de Gallo Recipes
Mexican Casserole
Mexican Chicken Recipe
Mexican Rice Recipe
Mexican Mole Recipe
Mexican Salsa Recipes
Mexican Corn Tortilla Recipe

Puerto Rico

Besitos de Coco or Coconut Cookie Recipe (kind of)


Spanish Recipe for Paella
Spanish Rice Recipe

Top 10 Latin Drink Recipes

Sangria Wine Recipe
Best Michelada Recipe

Top 10 Hispanic Desserts Recipes

Other Dessert Recipes

Dipped Chocolate Strawberries

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